Why Men Like When Women Initiate Sex


women-initiate-sexWhen it comes to sex, men are decidedly the weaker gender. Supposedly, the man beats his chest and the girl submits to his strength. But in reality, the woman holds all the sexual power in today’s civilized society.

She alone decides if and when the man will be given the keys the palace of pleasure. Her enthusiasm (or lack of it) will determine the tone and quality of the sexual experience. He will do anything to earn her sexual favors, while she can somehow resist the satisfying and scintillating temptation he so eagerly offers.

Standing nature’s plan on its head from time to time can bring renewed excitement to the sexual experience for a man. And since sex is a genuinely interactive experience, his increased enthusiasm will benefit the woman as well.

There are no doubt exceptions, but when women initiate sex, men are “all in.”

He likes to feel pursued, too.

Women are always the pursued. They know how much we desire them. In the cat and mouse game of romance, a man is often left feeling like the predator who is “taking” something that he forces the woman to “give up,” perhaps even reluctantly.

When the woman initiates sexual activity, it gives a man the rare chance to feel like he is the prize, desired and cherished by his woman. How cool is that?

That feeling of being desired can be very stimulating for a man. He may become more ravenous in fulfilling his sexual appetite when she spoons him and reaches for his love gun than when he slides on top of her and she lets him have his way.

This time he will not have to feel selfish. This time he will be the giver and will definitely be turned on.

“Sex that is solicited by a woman makes everything new again.”

Different ways to initiate.

There is another element that adds to the sexual experience when the woman initiates as well. There is something about being naughty that makes sex more exciting, or at least something a little different from ordinary marital or long-term relationship sex.

And there is something a little bit naughty about a girl wants to have sex with you.

Of course, a woman may initiate sex in a tender and loving way, too. Perhaps she is on an emotional low from work or a personal loss or just from the rhythm of life. In this case, she doesn’t just want sex. She wants to be loved in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

For her to initiate lovemaking in this kind of circumstance is also wonderful for a man because it allows him to be needed by his woman and to fulfill her need. The passion and love they share will be greatly enhanced by her need for her man.

While desire may fuel a man’s carnal fire, her emotional need will result in a emotionally fulfilling style of passion.

There are times to hold back.

Of course, there are times when a woman should resist the urge to initiate. The first time they make love, it should be the man who makes the move, generally speaking. Men have fragile egos and like to begin things by playing out the role of the dominant male.

If she is in the dog house for having hurt him, he may not respond favorably to her overtures and may see them as a cheap attempt to get out of jail free.

Sex that is there for the taking gets to be a little bit stale and uncreative, devoid of mystery and challenge. But everything changes when the man becomes the object of the sexual transaction.

Sex that is solicited by a woman brings new motivation, invigorating desire and makes everything new again.

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