Top 10 Wine Tips For Men

Who better than Sarah Liberatore who is the founder of the popular Italian wine brand, STLTO (, which is wine that is created by all women for women – to provide you with some amazing wine tips for men!
I know you will enjoy these great tips!

1. Dollars and cents.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to have a good wine. Many people think the more expensive the wine, the better. Not true.

2. So…you’re serving (or eating) food and you don’t know what to have with it?

Simple! The lighter the dish, the lighter the wine.  Start off with prosecco or pinot grigio. Once your dishes become heavier, you can transition to a product with more depth like Merlot or Malbec.

3. Turn a $10 red wine into a $20 red wine in 10 minutes.

Place your red wine in an ice slush for 10 minutes (fill a bucket with a mix of ice and water). You’ll taste more fruit and less tannin in the wine.

4. Glassware.

White wine should always (in my opinion) be in a regular glass with a stem. Red wine can be in stemless. The stemless glasses are modern and fun but they aren’t so fun when you warm up your white wine with your hand. Warm white wine = no no.

5. To decant or not to decant.

A lot of people do not know how to use decanters. Some are more professional than others. Wake up the wine by pouring it in a decanter. Wine is “sleeping” in a bottle. You need to wake up the wine for minimum 30 minutes in a decanter.

6. Swirl away.

When wine is poured in your glass, give it a swirl. This releases the aromas/flavors of the wine. Wine ohs do this before smelling for “notes” in the wine and then they take a sip. Place your nose near the glass. Do you smell chocolate or cherries? Pineapple or pears?

7. Why the hell is that guy sniffing a cork?

Cork taint occurs mostly in natural corks and is transferred to the wine in the bottle.  Corked wine has an odor like a damp cloth or moldy newspaper. If the wine tastes like a stale raisin, it’s over oxidized which means the wine has been open for too long and it has reacted with the air.

8. Look like a pro.

The next time you are at a wine tasting, hold the wine in your mouth for a moment or two and then swallow it or spit it out (in a spittoon). Really good wines have a long aftertaste. Inferior wines have a shorter aftertaste.

9. Party Planning.

When planning for your part, estimate that most guests will drink 2 glasses of wine in the first hour and then one glass for each following hour. For examples: at a 2 hour event, 100 guests x 3 glasses of wine per person = 300 total glasses of wine for event.  Please note that these guests are not driving. Do not drink and drive.

10. How many glasses are in a bottle of wine?

Everyone asks me this question. You will get 4 to 5 glasses of wine per bottle, depending on your pour. I always pour 5 glasses per bottle.

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