What This Guy Does for His Fiance is Absolutely Incredible! Get The Tissues Out…

Enter Adam Khoo – This is one of the most inspiring stories I have ever watched on the power of unconditional love. It is the story of American Idol contestant Chris Medina and the promise he made to his girlfriend Juliana to love and be with till the very end when he proposed. A week before their wedding, Juliana suffered brain damage after being involved in a tragic car accident.

Other men may have called off the wedding and found another person to Marry. Instead, Chris married her and has been by her side day & night, looking after her as she lays confined in a wheelchair. In his song, ‘What Are Words’, Chris sings

” what kind of guy would I be If I was to leave when you need me most? What are words If you really don’t mean them when you say them? What are words If they’re only for good times, then they don’t?”

Indeed, how many ‘I Love yous’ made between couples are truly real and unconditional? So many marriages breakup nowadays because of unhappiness over opinions, money & other differences. Do they really understand the true meaning of unconditional live & commitment?

There is something that all of us can learn from Chris Medina on this Valentine’s day. After 13 years of marriage and going through all the ups and downs together with my wife, this man’s story and song has inspired me even more to love my wife unconditionally, no matter what.


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