Tips To Dating An Actress

If you’re looking for the best tips to dating an actress, let’s hear from an actress who shares her tips to dating successfully.

The most important thing in approaching and winning over an actor is confidence. Most women, not only actors, want a man who isn’t afraid to walk over and introduce himself. After the introduction, no need to put on an act, I see that at work every day. Don’t try to impress me with material things, impress me with your mind and your words. Be real, be you.

 She agreed to go on a date, now what? Actors are artists, and any date that is imaginative and creative will be wonderful. Watching some performance art or music, even a romantic scavenger hunt would be fun. One of the best dates I had was a trip to the Griffith Observatory. We looked at Saturn’s rings through a telescope, talked about philosophy and the universe, found what we would weigh on other planets. Before grabbing dinner at a great hole-in-the-wall restaurant we walked around the grounds and admired the LA skyline. It was effortless, romantic, and inspiring.

Through conversations you’ll see there is more to us than just acting. When I tell people I’m an actor, some have made the assumption that I have a low IQ or do not have any real life skills. Before switching my major, I was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA as an undergraduate Electrical and Bio-medical Engineering student. I am finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Accounting and am looking into MBA programs. Yet, I choose to be an actor because it makes me happy. In order to date an actor you need to understand the deep passion we have for our craft and how difficult it is. Remember, we are normal people educated on things other than our industry; I love physics, psychology, painting, and CrossFit.

 Now that we have gone on a few dates, you might have noticed that actors are fun and silly. As actors we get to play ‘make believe’ for a living. So really we are just big kids who always need to feel safe to be quirky and creative. Don’t take yourself too seriously and play along. When dating an actor making ugly faces across the table, unexpected public dancing, or trying out new characters will be a regular occurrence. Spontaneity and an excitement for life is critical in a relationship with an actor.

 We finally defined the relationship, yay! Adding this title means adapting to new challenges and learning each other. You’ll find when dating an actor you too will experience the never ending schedule changes, the unexpected audition panic, the callback excitement, and detailed analysis of movies we watch on dates. If your actor is going through a longer than she would like “dry spell” of auditioning like crazy and booking nothing, then encourage her without pushing her. Actors feel more intensely than most, which means both the ups and downs. Reassurance and support go a long way when we run out of steam some days. Be her biggest fan.

 Lastly, in order to keep the relationship going, trust is vital. When I was filming The A-List and Truth Be Told I was on location for a month. That means four hard weeks away from a significant other. During filming, you have to believe that I’m not going to find someone else; I promise I’m missing you too. Also, when there are intimate kissing scenes you have to trust the intimacy ends when the director calls cut. You have to be confident in yourself and our relationship. And rely on the fact it is my work, and I’m still coming home to you. to Dating an Actress is a guest post written by actress DEANNA LEE DOUGLAS, star of the upcoming film The A-List Movie @D_LeeDouglas

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