Tips To Dating an International Girl

This is a special guest post written by Ukrainian Singing Superstar Mika Newton

If you want tips to dating an ‘international girl’ you just need to be yourself and don’t play any games because sooner or later the truth will come out. My advice is to be yourself, enjoy the company of the girl you are with, don’t lie to her or yourself. We are girls. We can sense anything and notice everything – what you are doing, how you talk, your gestures, even if we don’t mention it. It does’t matter if we are from the same country or from completely different places – we are all the same, we are human beings, so be yourself.

Looking back, my best date ever happened in Latvia. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend for 4 months (I was in Ukraine and he was in Germany) and he wrote a song for me, an amazing duet. I was crying when I heard it for the first time His mom was helping him to write the lyrics, it was something like- “You are everything that I was looking for, everything I ever needed”, it was absolutely beautiful. What made it really special is that he wanted to sing it with me. He arranged for us to perform this beautiful song together at the New Wave in Jurmala, Latvia.

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I flew there and it was a first time I ever performed with him and we spent the most beautiful and romantic evening together. From time to time when I feel sad I usually listen to this song and I’m glad that Simon and I are still friends. We broke up 4 years ago but we keep in touch all the time, he is my treasure.
I hope you enjoyed my tips to dating an international girl 🙂 I love being in America now and look forward to an exciting future with my friends and fans here and around the world.
Love always,
Mika Newton!

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