Tips To Dating A Female Singer

Are you interested in tips to dating someone unique and independent with great style and a love for good music? Then dating a singer is the way to go! But prepare yourself for one crazy ride because when dating a singer there’s truly never a dull moment!tips-to-dating

First and foremost, don’t fake anything with us, we see enough of it in the industry so if you approach us with a confidence personality, (not a cocky one), yet charming at the same time, you’ll definitely catch our eyes. Us female singers, well myself at least, are hopeless romantics. Although I’m a very independent, hardworking and confident woman, I do appreciate a guy who is mature, but can still be silly with me and can make me feel like a princess. No I don’t mean spoiling me rotten with materialistic things all the time ;), but instead with cute gestures, like surprising me with flowers or my fave, chocolate strawberries or even taking me out on a fun date!

Boys, remember we’re very different from most regular girls because we’re so unique and more mature then most, and although we do like our movie nights in with you, we greatly appreciate it when you put a lot of thought into making a date different than the rest. For example, if we’re in Toronto, a cute date would be to take us to a nice restaurant, a sports game, a museum/art gallery, ice-skating in the winter at Nathan Phillips Square or even to the new Ripley’s Aquarium! If we’re in LA, our date could be to a sports game, a Runyon Canyon hike, a trip to the Griffith Observatory, a concert, a beach date, or even going for sushi! I personally love going on fun dates, and if you can make me laugh, have a good time with me, be spontaneous and romantic, then you’ll definitely win my heart!

Overall, we enjoy going on fun dates or doing spontaneous and different things, while at the same time can very much appreciate a nice night in watching movies, eating a nice home cooked meal and drinking a nice glass of wine to wind down from our hectic lives. Don’t get me wrong though, a singer’s “job” has no specific “time” that we just stop working. We’re constantly in the studio, taking classes, going to rehearsals, events, trying to network with other artists and producers, and trying to expose our music to the world in hopes of landing ourselves a killer deal! So with that being said, prepare yourselves to enter into our crazy lives, but most importantly just be there for us as a support system when things go either good or bad.

Lastly, once you’ve won over our hearts, keeping us is the hardest task. However, it doesn’t need to be at all difficult if you follow through with these three things; trust, honesty and support. Trust us when we say we’re going to the studio and working on our music and not seeing anyone else, be honest with us when something is bothering you and support us through thick and thin because we sure as hell will do the same for you! Majority of the time, relationships are hard for me to maintain, mainly because my significant other feels jealous and insecure when I’m constantly traveling and can’t be there with him all the time. So if anyone knows a guy who’s mature, supportive and understanding of a career like mine, then give me a heads up!;) Good luck to all the fellas trying to win over one of us female singers!

Here’s a list of my ‘Top 10 Tips On Dating A Female Singer”:

  1. 3 Words: trust, honesty, and support!
  2. Be understanding of her crazy schedules
  3.  Keep things fun and exciting
  4. Don’t be afraid to do romantic things for her, as cheesy as they may be
  5. Always remind her how much she means to you, how beautiful she is
  6. Surprise her with nice things, take her on fun dates, etc
  7. Be there for her through good and bad because she’ll most likely do the same for you
  8. NEVER try to argue with her;)
  9. Make her feel welcomed with your group of friends and most importantly your family
  10.  Always, always, always make her happy! 🙂

Tips on Dating a Female Singer is a guest post written by Toronto native R&B/Rugged-Pop artist Alexa Ferr!

Instagram: Alexaferrmusic


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1 thought on “Tips To Dating A Female Singer”

  1. As someone who started dating successful and VERY busy female singer just over half a year ago, and recently went very very wrong, I can only concur with every single word here said. I hopefully learned my lesson and will be strong enough to defeat any cloudy thoughts coming my direction in the future… I do understand now I’m her safety place… Something that’s constant when there is chaos and ups and downs in most of her days… It’s rather difficult to adjust the skips between Bubu – the girlfriend I know and Bubu- the singer she is known to her fans. Sometimes it feels like I’m being just part of her schedule, but those are the times you have to step back, reach in to your heart and wrap your self in the cottony moments that your relationship is made out of, knowing * that* is the only truth… I love her the way I’ve never loved anyone before… So my insecurities are not reason good enough to lose her… 🙂 :*

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