Tinder Dating App Review – By a 24yo Female

tinder review

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Tinder AppMy friend from FL, Cynthia, has some insight on her experience with Tinder, the new social dating app! She’s pretty honest and is going to answer a couple questions for us to understand a female point of view!

Why did you download Tinder?
A lot of my girlfriends downloaded it and kept saying it was such a “fun” app. They can message guys that are locally matched to them and it was really up to you on how you wanted to use it. So I went into it very open-minded.

What are you using it for?
Mostly to meet guys I would’ve otherwise missed at the bar. I’m a social gal anyway so I know I can meet someone out- but hey, this way I can open up my social circle.

Is it really just a hook-up app?
I’ve found myself going on casual lunch dates, networking and just messaging someone for the fun of socializing. So no, it’s not just for hooking up, but I’m sure if I put up pictures of me in my bathing suit, I might give off a certain impression (winky face).

What kind of photos did you use?
I chose a full body shot for my main picture, I’m holding a bottle of Crown, my fave liquor, a big smile and a cute outfit! I don’t like selfies so I chose ones friends took of me. I also have 2 group photos with friends so it doesn’t look like I’m anti-social, haha.

What gets you to “swipe right?”
Generally a big smile and a few photos of activities he likes to do. Whether he’s outdoors playing sports, reppin’ his college gear, showing off some style– all of those help me decide. A nice range is good: a head shot looking at camera, a body shot (shirtless helps, haha), doing an activity and maybe a group shot with a nice outfit.

What gets you to “swipe left?”
Ugh I feel shallow saying it, but if I see a guy who’s overweight, I think he doesn’t care enough for his health and it’s unattractive. Also, a guy with no sense of style. I’m only going on looks here-don’t hate me!- but leave the white sneakers and jorts behind.

Should a guy try a little harder for his tag line?
Yea, don’t leave it blank. I have so little to go on (just the looks). Show a little humor, it wins for me. A sarcastic one-liner is great. If you list all the types of girls you don’t want to meet on Tinder, it makes me think you are too picky, on Tinder.

tinder datingWhat are some funny examples?
“I’ll take you out to Chipotle.”
“Let’s get this straight, we met at the mall.” or
“I’m a man with a dream. A dream mostly with nachos and beer, but a dream nonetheless.”

Any advice for the ladies who are hesitant to try out Tinder?
Try it. But be smart about who you meet with. Try to get their number before you see them. Go for a social date during the day or with friends out at a bar. Keep a very open mind and don’t think you’re the only girl who was matched with the guy. Tinder is a Hot or Not app so if you like a little ego boost, it helps, haha!

Any Pro-Tip before you go?
If you get matched, message the guy first! I’ve had a few say they like that.

What do you like to say in your first message?
“If you had to pick: Pb&J or grilled cheese?”
“Nice smile :)” or
“I’ll challenge you to an arm wrestling contest ;)”
Fun, playful, and friendly convo works best!

Cynthia has her own blog as an online marketing analyst. She loves analyzing people’s behavior on the web and loves to compare market trends on new apps, like Tinder! Follow her on Twitter @CindiPlunkett

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