Sex tips: DO’s and Dont’s inside the bedroom


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There are some very important sex tips to maintain a healthy and satisfying sex life. Here are some dos and dont’s inside the bedroom you need to be considerate of.

1. Do NOT ever skip foreplay.

This is very important if you want your partner to reach her own orgasm. Women do not get naturally lubricated unless you heat her up. Foreplay is essential to sexually arouse your partner and simulate her most intimate parts to relieve her from any possible pain or discomfort. Not only are you preparing her physical body with foreplay but her mental and emotional state as well.

2. Do learn about the art of teasing and the power of seduction.

If your idea of foreplay is plainly kissing her on the mouth and touching her breasts then you need to do a little more research. The fact is women are very sensitive with touch and the way you touch her can create or destroy your path towards a more intimate relationship. Whether your intentions with the girl is just to be her casual sex partner or be her something else, you still need to impress your way to her.

3. Do NOT show your frustration in bed

Showing disappointment is definitely a NO-NO. If you do this, you are simply making yourself and your partner experience negativity and anxiety which will turn your mood the other way around. This is absolutely unnecessary and will put too much pressure on your woman making it hard for her to enjoy herself. It’s like assuring her that she will only have the worst sex in her entire life and that is something you would’t want to happen.

4. Be confident with what you do.

Don’t ever be clumsy in the bedroom. If you don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable then don’t make this mistake. She needs to know that her man is sure with what he is doing when it comes to sex and that everything he does is exactly what he wants to do and effective in making her sexually stimulated. Don’t be afraid to touch her, make her yearn for more and try to prolong your orgasm as much as you can.

5. Don’t follow everything you see on porn.

The great thing about trying what you see on porn videos in your routine is that it can help you let go of your sexual inhibitions. It is normal to have a few inhibitions but you shouldn’t let it take over you completely as it can have disastrous effects on your sex life. Yes the girls and the guys are often hunky and the women are really hot but come on! Don’t compare yourself, your looks, your size or your capabilities because yours is for real, while theirs are often fake.

6. Do try a little dirty talk.

If you want to show a little ingenuity in bed, be a little incendiary by trying a little dirty talk. There’s no need to be uncomfortable or embarrassed. As long as you are ready for the situation and confident, your partner will surely be pleased. The fact is couples find that talking dirty actually improves their sex life and they gain benefits endlessly. But there is more to this than just talking like a porn star. Don’t shock your partner if this is not a usual thing between the two of you.

7. Talk about your sexual fantasies.

There is always that naughty side in each person no matter how prim and proper she may look. Try to talk to her about what her fantasies are and those things she sexually desire. This can absolutely elevate the sexual level of your relationship. If she appear a little hesitant with what she feels then try to open up with yours.

Mistakes are unavoidable but if you take note of the things you should avoid it will certainly steer you away from the negative results it may bring. Relationships, labeled or not, serious or just a casual one is still something worthy of an effort. You wouldn’t be in bed with someone unless there is something in her that you really like so make it worthwhile.

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