Sex Is A Basic Need in Life – Why Is It More Important To A Lady than To A Man?

sex-excerciseWritten by guest author: Laura Donnovan

Men love sex. Well, women do too. It is said the way to the man’s heart, is through the stomach. However, you can get to the man’s heart through a great lovemaking session faster.

Sex is the best way to capture the heart of your man. This act has the power to build a deep emotional connection. It is amazing how the men’s attitude changes when they expect a good lay! To be the only lady in your man’s heart if not life, you need to understand what he really wants and be giving it to him.

Sex is important for women too

Long gone are the times when people believed only men wanted sex; women want it too. The act is important in both partners’ lives, not only for the pleasure but for all the benefits it contributes in life. If you have been having severe back pains, you do not need any doctor’s prescription. Let your man treat you. Making love is the best medicine for back pains. It is the perfect exercise to relieve you of all the stress and the pain.
If you want to get that beach shape body, stop thinking of herbal pills and creams to use, just call your man. Love making is a form of cardio activity, because it can help you get rid of about 250 calories in a single romp! What wonders can more romps do? You need to find out for yourself. Skip that rope skipping class and lose weight in a more stylish way and offer justice to your body.

Sex keeps aging at bay

Every woman is afraid of getting old. Here is an ideal remedy – sex will help you age more slowly. The more quality bedroom activity you have, the longer you will live! It is time to leave those Botox appointments and hoop to the bedroom. It is a sure and natural aging slowing process. This is possible because of the positive effects it offers to every body organ.

Is your relationship falling apart? It is time to re-track it to the right direction. You can rekindle the fire once more. Regardless of who is wrong (of course men are always wrong) you can seal it by having a fantastic bedroom time. In addition, this bedroom activity is the real medicine. If you have wounds or the cells in your body need regeneration, there is no better way to fix that than through sexual activity. It is the fastest healing medicine. Studies show that the act makes the body produce oxytocin, which speeds up the process of healing.

Sex enhances happiness

If you have been looking for a perfect way to improve happiness, here it is. There is no way you can enjoy it without having to first forget all your troubles. In short, by engaging in sexual activities, you will not be thinking about the unpaid bills or that nasty case in court. You can improve your man’s mood by giving him your best.
Most women experience painful menstrual periods. However, you can ease up the pain by having sex. Yes, that is right. Although some people think it’s unhealthy to have it during those days, surprisingly it is actually a painkiller. It won’t be wrong to conclude that a quick lay has more benefits to the woman than to the man.

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