Relationship Advice: 5 Benefits of Sharing Hobbies with your Significant Other

Here’s some important relationship advice to help you get closer to your significant other. Are you struggling to find a relationship that lasts? Have you often felt ex’s prioritized their hobbies over you? Not sure what to look for in a partner?

My first advice would be to reflect on what you enjoy in life other than work and love. How do you like to spend your free time? What kind of interests, hobbies, and values do you have?

While sharing hobbies with a significant other isn’t a requirement for a good relationship, there are a lot of ways it makes your relationship more fun and can help you understand each other better. Today I’d like to introduce five benefits of sharing hobbies with your partner and where to meet people who share your interests online!

1. It’s easy to be best friends

Some of the best couples succeed because they’re more than lovers, they’re great friends too! When the “honeymoon phase” and passion starts to sizzle out a bit, sharing hobbies with your significant other is a great way for you to continue to bond and deepen your relationship. It gives you something fun to talk about and share!

2. Date night decisions are easy!

Sharing hobbies and interests with your significant means it’s easy to choose things that you both like! From everyday things like picking a movie or restaurant to bigger events like deciding on a vacation spot, sharing the same interests can help make these sometimes difficult decisions easier.

3. The way you value money is likely to be similar

Everyone values money differently, and it’s easy for this to become a point of debate once couples are living together or married. Is a $300 mountain cabin weekend getaway worth it to you? What about a $150 fishing rod? $100 dinner? $75 tickets to a football game? $50 tickets to a local theater show? You get my drift. How you want to spend your money for leisure is greatly influenced by your hobbies. Sharing hobbies with your SO means you’re less likely to argue over purchases or feel like your partner is “wasting” money because it’s easy to understand why that purchase is meaningful to them. Instead of arguing over finances you can enjoy purchases together!

4. Deeper understanding and tolerance for free time & weekend plans

Sharing hobbies doesn’t only make it likely you have similar values when it comes to money, you probably have similar values on how you want to spend your free time and weekends as well. Are you willing to get up at 5AM Saturday morning to go hiking? Block off every Sunday afternoon and Monday night for football? Spend all Friday night playing video games? When you don’t share a hobby with your SO if can be hard to understand why they want to devote so much time to it. It’s also easy to fall in the trap of feeling that they value their hobby more than you. Everyone needs time to enjoy their own hobbies, but if you share hobbies it makes it that much easier to understand how your partner feels!

5. You can easily become friends with their friends

Getting to know a new boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends is a great way to get to know them better and expand your own social circle. This is easier if you share hobbies with your partner, because it’s likely you share some common interests with their friends as well!

Hobby & Interest Based Dating Online

Now that you know some of the benefits of sharing hobbies with your significant other, here are some recommendations on where to meet people like this online!

Festar – Mobile App

Festar is a 10 minute chat and dating app that matches users based on their common hobbies and interests! Users pick interests and then are matched to chat in real time with other online users that share those same hobbies. You get to text chat live for 10 minutes to test the waters and if you both select “Talk More” after the 10 minutes is up you’ll be officially matched and can chat anytime! It’s fun and easy to make a connection with someone and meet new friends because you’re matched based on hobbies like “Snowboarding fans”, “Wine lovers”, “Dogs over Cats”, “Foodies” and more. If you’re looking for new friends or a significant other who shares the same hobbies and interests as you, definitely check out Festar!

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean
App: For iPhone & Android
Price: Free basic membership which allows one to three matches a day, extra matches may require registration as a premium user

Meetup – Website & Mobile App

Meetup is a service where users form groups based on specific hobbies or activities and hold events in real life based on these groups. There’s everything from hiking and sports groups to knitting and movie clubs, so you’re sure to find a group you can enjoy! While not strictly a dating service, Meetup has helped many people expand their social group and meet that special someone. If you can’t find a group in your city that matches your hobbies you can always try starting your own too!

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch
App: For iPhone & Android
Price: Free to sign up and browse but events vary in price so make sure to check the details before attending!

Tastebuds – Website & Mobile App

If music is one of your major hobbies and interests, this is the service for you! Tastebuds helps people find new friends and dates based on their musical tastes. After registering your favorite bands and songs you’ll be able to connect with new people who share that same taste in music! Even if you already have a significant other, you and your friends can use Tastebuds to find friends who love the same artists or are planning to go to the same concerts as you are. If you’re a music lover or if music plays an important role in your life, definitely give this a try!

Languages: English
App: For iPhone Only
Price: Free basic membership, extra matches and other features may require registration as a premium member

In Conclusion

If you are struggling to find a long lasting relationship, definitely try dating someone who shares your hobbies and interests! The bond and common values you have are sure to help you build a meaningful and strong connection.

Just remember, while sharing hobbies and interests with your significant other is great, don’t force yourself to like something just because your partner does. Sharing hobbies and interests definitely strengthens a relationship, but it’s not a guarantee for success! Opposites attract too, and sometimes having different hobbies helps gives you both room for a healthy amount of time apart. How much you want to share with your partner depends on your own personal preferences, so don’t overthink it! Best of luck finding your special someone!

About the Writer

Laura is an American based in Tokyo with a passion for food and the outdoors. Having tried dating apps from all around the world she hopes to help others meet new friends and find real connections online. You can follow her food adventures and travels in Tokyo on SynchroLife .

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