Top Four Personality Traits Women Want In Men

Guest Post by: Dalton Young

It’s important to know what personality traits women want in men to be successful in attracting a great partner. If you’re trying to figure out why women you meet always seem uninterested, then you’re most likely reading this for answers as to understand this phenomena. Our most common question here is “Why don’t girls like me?” A lot of women look for things like being rich, good-looking, ripped, or being great in bed. If you keep meeting girls like that, then you may be chasing after the wrong type of women in the wrong locations.

Once you start trying to meet good girls, you will find out that not all women are looking for a buffed dude who just happens to be loaded with cash. You will also discover other things that are more important to them that you didn’t focus on before. So let me introduce myself. My name is Dalton Young, and I am a dating coach at We will start by looking at why good girls typically look at character more than anything else when it comes to finding a man they can see a future and family with.

The Art of Attracting Women (While Being Yourself)

Changing how she sees you isn’t something that can be switched on by changing two simple things. It simply doesn’t work like that. So if your mind is still stuck in the “Meet women quick!” mentality, then I suggest that you step back to re-analyze your methods.

Love and attraction are both arts within themselves. Attracting good women is our main goal, and in order to do that you need to find the closest tanning bed, workout every day of the week, and drink whey isolate protein shakes 3-meals a day.

If you’re still laughing, then you understood that I was joking with that last sentence. Connecting and attracting good women goes deeper than what they see on the outside. It is often the person you are on the inside that will maintain that attraction once it has been established.

Sure, most woman want some sort of “arm candy”. However, they will find a long term relationship with a man who has good morals and good character when they are ready to settle down. What we must truly focus on right now is the power of character complimented by simple physical adjustments.

That’s the technical way of saying to focus on who you are as a person for the most part. Physical changes can enhance your looks dramatically and attract more women; however, once you are with them, they will typically see that you are just all looks and that you lack character. Once they see this, then they will most likely start looking for someone else who is more morally fit for a relationship.

Character: Something Many Guys Lack

I usually like to start my clients off with understanding who they are, and where they want to be. It’s usually all in your head. You must control your mind in order to control your life. Character traits that we typically find success through include: positivism, confidence, honesty, and the ability to set your pride aside.


Positivism is one of the biggest things for guys as many get “down” when it comes to trying to meet women. After experiencing so much rejection, being positive about meeting women is more of a chore than being natural. I personally have overcome this by going through these 2 simple steps. Daily affirmations are the first part. Get a while board or notepad and put it next to your bed (or a convenient location for you).Write down 10 daily affirmations and say them every morning out loud before getting the day started. What’s a positive affirmation you ask? It is a positive statement representing a goal or outcome you desire. A couple of examples could be “I am an attractive person.” or “I will meet a great girl when the time is right.” I know how corny this sounds, but after doing it for months, it started making sense and working. I have been training my mind like this for years now and the benefits of it are by far worth every outcome.Even after getting married I still say them daily, and my wife also joins in on the collaboration to help give her that same positivism! The second step is simple, just smile more. Smiling is contagious. It can help bring positive energy into your life and the lives of those around you.


Confidence is a byproduct of positivism. If you are positive and say your affirmations regularly, then you will begin to develop an inner confidence that will make connecting with women much easier. They are human beings just like us; they aren’t aliens. Most guys think they are afraid of approaching girls, but the truth is that they actually fear falling short of the man she desires. Every woman is different so if you go around trying to be everything ever girl wants, then you will most likely fail every single time. Believe in yourself. Something I typically do is to get on and watch motivational videos. You can find great motivational videos on YouTube channels like “Mateusz M”, or by great motivational speakers like Eric Thomas or Greg Plitt.


Honesty is commonly overlooked. If you are living a life filled with lies, then you are in denial. If you cannot be yourself or tell a woman the truth, then you will struggle to keep up that “front” and eventually will fall short of happiness. Being honest is simple. Just tell the truth as much as possible. It is that simple. Honesty is an attractive trait to women because most of them have experienced relationships filled with lies. You may be thinking that women lie too. Your right, often times many do; however, if they are lying to you, then it’s time to start looking for somebody who shares that honesty trait with you.


Pride can be a deadly sin. If you are always hubristically prideful, aggressive, and self-absorbed, then women will notice that. Commonly referred to as arrogance, this negative type of pride is something highly undesirable by most women. There is a good side of pride though that includes confidence, self-worth, productivity, and feeling good about one’s self. That is authentic pride, and that is the kind of pride that builds confidence and desirability. Being authentically prideful begins with being productive and working hard at all that you do. You should learn to focus on more than just yourself all the time. Being proud of yourself is a great thing and acceptable, but running around boasting and rubbing it in others faces is not. There is a lot of psychology behind the two faces of pride, so if you struggle with arrogance then I would definitely utilize the countless resources across the internet to overcome it.

Final Thoughts

Your character defines who you are as a person, and is something all women notice. If you want to make some physical changes to enhance visual attraction, then that is perfectly fine. However, it is strongly recommended that you take the time now to understand and develop the character of the man you desire to before that first date. It can lead to a life filled with love and happiness, making you not only a better man, but a happier one as well!

If you are still having questions, be sure to visit where I will answer your top 3 dating/lifestyle questions free, no strings attached!

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