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Mini-VibratorsGuest Author: Pam Spencer offers couples useful tips and cheeky how-to guides ultimately helping the pair to enjoy a long lasting, fun sex life that never fades!

Say the word “sex toy” and usually “vibrator” is the first style that comes to mind. Vibrators are divided into several commonly known groups but there is one type of vibrator that often gets overlooked. The small vibrator commonly called a clitoral stimulator is a pint-sized version that will have a big impact on personal pleasure but before you set out to bring one home, it’s best to recognize the different types to determine the correct one that will work best in your situation.

These mini stimulators are often used during foreplay, too short to be used for insertion, they are made to be held over the clitoris. It’s a very fun activity for couples and even sex therapists are suggesting these to couples wanting to try something new. Dr.Ruth had a segment on the doctors TV show and said clitoral stimulation is needed for orgasms in about 70 percent of women, Source:  Therefore adding one of these to your personal repertoire can certainly help women enjoy orgasms during foreplay or intercourse. Following the styles of clitoral simulators listed on are some of the best styles of mini vibrators:

1. Finger Vibrator

A fairly recent invention, highly underrated and very ergonomic in an intimate setting! Many women know about the bullet vibrator, this is a twist on that style. The difference between the finger vibrator and bullet is the finger vibe has a strap that keeps it secured to your finger allowing easy clitoral rubbing without slipping or finger cramps.

2. Strap on Stimulator

There are a few excellent key reasons why women like these peculiar sex toys. First is the vibe straps over your pelvic area so never fear about pubic hair stubble – it hides what you don’t want to be seen. Secondly, it offers hands-free pelvic vibration allowing you to move and change positions freely. Furthermore, almost every man agrees these look downright sexy! You’ll feel naughty too which can help with boosting your confidence and maintain the aroused state of mind.

3. Pocket Rocket

Probably the most well known mini vibe. Often confused with a traditional vibrator however they are not designed to be inserted, measuring only about 3 inches long the length is made for couples during foreplay. Complete with rounded tips that offer a soothing massage-like quality, these non-phallic devices easily double a muscle massagers making weary women feel comfortable about having the pocket rocket in a bedside table.

4. Mini Animals

There is a whole wealth of adorable little critters that vibrate. One of the best gift ideas for as first timer, the non-phallic format is easy to use and does not make women feel like they’re using a taboo object. Even for women who already have a whole stash of vibrators, the little critters are welcomed as they offer a new feeling compared to something more traditional. Believing that variety is the spice of life, having something that feels different is going to add a new twist to your erotic setting.

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