Avoid Making These Mistakes When Meeting Women Online

Just like everything else in life, trying to help single men meet women online isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. If you run a new online dating service, you’ll find that there are men who complain about not being able to get the women they reach out to, to respond to them. More often than not, women aren’t responding to these men because they are being selfish and obtuse.
Instead of getting frustrated by these complaints from the male users, offer this advice to them and encourage them to stop making these mistakes and follow the tips provided.

1. Contacting Every Woman, You See

It’s understandable that you’re going to do whatever you can so that you have the best chance of having success with online dating. You might think that you can do that by reaching out to every single woman that you encounter on the site, even the ones that you know are out of your league. Instead of focusing on the cream of the crop, be more selective and actually look for women who you have something in common with.

2. Becoming a Braggart

It’s nice to have nice things. It’s nice to have a good career. It isn’t nice bragging about them on your dating profile, though. Of course, you are going to want to talk about some of the things that you are proud of, but you have to walk that fine line of talking about yourself and bragging. You can avoid sounding like your bragging by having a friend re-read and edit your profile. Ask them for their honest opinion and if you sound like you’re being a braggart or if you are being humble.

3. Avoid Posting Your Lengthy List of Turn-Offs

Everyone is going to have turn offs when it comes to the people that we want to date, but no one really wants to date someone who is extremely judgmental. Be selective about things you don’t want in a partner and only mention the traits that are absolute deal breakers, like smoking, drug use, or excessive drinking. You can even out the negatives you listed by talking about what you do want in a girlfriend, instead.

4. Avoid Mentioning the Cliché of Wanting a Drama-Free Mate

No one really wants to date someone who reeks of drama, so stating that you want a drama-free woman is a bit redundant. Much like the previous mistake, focus on the qualities that you do want in a partner instead.

5. Mentioning Sex Anywhere in Your Profile

If you mention sex or intimacy anywhere in your profile, you’re going to fall into the category of being “that” guy. You know, the guy that doesn’t care about anything but getting laid — even if this isn’t the case. If you think that by not mentioning sex in your profile will make you appear weak or insecure, don’t. Women know that sex and intimacy are going to be part of the relationship as it progresses, so there’s no reason to broach the subject right there in your profile.

6. Using Low-Quality Pictures in Your Profile

Did you know that when you use the flash of your camera, it doesn’t help your photograph, but it actually can age you significantly? Instead of having to rely on the flash of your camera to illuminate a dark space (why would you even be taking a picture this way, to begin with?), wait to take a photo when the sun is out, and the flash isn’t needed. The natural sunlight is so much more forgiving, and it’s always nice to get out and have some fresh air!

7. Forgetting Your English Lessons

There is no greater turn off for women than reading a message from a handsome man and it reads as an eighth grader wrote it. If you use things like, “ur”, “u”, “r”, “yea”, and the like in your profile or in any message you send a woman, your chances to appeal to her is going to drop significantly. Instead, show her that you’re an adult and use adult language — or at the very least, show her that English is your native language.

8. Comment on a Woman’s Appearance

Sure, it’s nice to be complimented on your appearance, but it’s also nice to be admired for something other than your looks. When you are sending that coveted first message to a woman, comment on something you read on her profile. This will stick with her, and she will be more likely to respond to you.

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