The Surprise of His Life – Making Mind-Blowing Memories

Every now and again, women all over the land decide that for whatever reason it’s time to give the bloke in their life a rather pleasant surprise. And as grateful as said blokes will always be for such kind gestures, chances are the vast majority of ladies behind them will limit their advances to a bottle of wine and a night in, perhaps an elegant set of lingerie or a new brand of condom to try out.

On the other side however there are a select few that fully acknowledge and make the very best of the endless array of adult toys, games and goodies out there on the market today that can easily turn any pleasant surprise into a mind-bowing memory to last a lifetime. And the best news of all is that literally everything you could possibly need is now available online with 100% discretion and low prices guaranteed, which in turn means you have technically no excuse for not giving something new a go.


indexFor example, it’s one thing to buy a nice new set of underwear that’s as elegant as it is attractive, but have you ever given thought to taking things one step further with a full-blown costume? If the answer is no, then it goes without saying that you have no idea just how positively he might respond to it and chances are that’s exactly what he’ll do. And this doesn’t have to mean turning up in head to toe rubber and telling him to get on all-fours before you whip the hell out of him, but maybe something much more innocent and simple like the seemingly cliché French maid’s outfit. It’s almost impossible to go wrong as even if it turns out not to be his kind of thing you can guarantee one hell of a laugh and more appreciation than you could ever imagine. It’s the kind of thing you just have to try at least once – no excuses and no buts.


Then there’s the idea of games which some find intimidating at first thought, though are in reality anything but. Sure some will always favor the detailed and rather complex role playing games that see a pair/group take on different persona’s and never break character, but at the other end of the spectrum there are so many simple dice and card games that never fail to spice things up. Games like these bring a sense of unpredictability and a loss of control that can be the sexiest thing imaginable – all without ever straying out of your comfort zone.


And finally, sure he doesn’t own any sex toys right now, but is that because he doesn’t like them or because neither of you have ever tried them out? Chances are 99% at least will fall into the latter group which is a pretty big shame as once you give your first gadget a go, you’ll never, ever go back. And this doesn’t mean surprising him with a vibrator bigger than the bedpost, but something much more subtle and gentle to bring a new dynamic and make sure it’s a night he never forgets.

By Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton recently got interested in exclusive butterfly vibrator designs. She also regularly blogs on industry matters and advice for couples in need of a renewed spark.

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