How To Text A Girl You Like

About The Author: Alex J. Steve is coach, author and speaker. He teaches men to improve their dating skills. Recently he is helping men to develop their texting skills.

guy-texting-girlSome people are naturally good with women, on the other hand, there some people who always face troubles with women. There is nothing wrong with this fact and it is completely understandable. Girls are complicated and it is important that you have the correct skills in order to be successful with them. These skills can be learnt, and I am trying to develop some texting skills in this article how to text a girl you like.

Tip #1

You need to be able to get the girls attention and keep her interested in. A good way to do this is to make your opening text exciting and intriguing. Your aim is to make her stop whatever she is doing at that moment in time to actually text you back. It is good to send this type of text when you want to re-introduce yourself back into the girl’s mind. Try to keep the text informal without any spelling mistakes or grammar errors. Tease her a bit and give her a challenge.

Tip #2

When texting a girl you like it is always recommended that you build up a strong emotional connection by talking often and showing that you care. Find out her passions and what she likes to do and it will be easy to text to get her interested. It is important to build upon the information that is given so you can build a strong connection. She will believe that you are different from other guys and that you understand her more than anybody else.

Tip #3

If you intend to get involved with the girl in the future you have to start flirting with her to create sexual interest. Using subtle sexting allows you to plant the idea of being with you and having a sexual relationship into her mind. It works because it is not too obvious but at the same time, it produces the desired effect.

Tip #4

You have to learn how to time your texts well so that they will have the greatest impact. If you know that she is busy during the day you should text her during the evening or at night. It is that simple. If for some reason she does not return you texts do not keep sending her messages to try and get some response. Give her time to respond back or else you risk looking needy and scaring her away.

Tip #5

When looking up on tips on how to text a girl you like you will often get pieces of advice such as “ask questions” and “keep everything short and simple.” These ideas are not wrong, however it can be easy to overdo them. Texting one-liners constantly doesn’t add much to a conversation. It makes you look lazy and uninterested. This is the opposite effect that you are trying to create.

Tip #6

Do not agree with everything that a girl says. It is easy to do this especially if it’s a girl that you like, however you have to resist the temptation as it can make you come across and a wimp. Challenging a girl is something most boys would not do and this will make her more curious about you. Standing out from the rest of the crowd will help you in the long run.


If you don’t have fun while texting the girl you like due to being nervous, then the whole experience would be for nothing. After all, love and romance should be fun.

Following these tips on how to text a girl you like will help you to be able to keep the conversation going and build a connection. Overtime you will become proficient in the art of texting with girls and will make the experience much more enjoyable.

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