How To Keep The Fire Alive In A Marriage

happyFor many married couples out there, juggling the romance and responsibilities of a family is difficult. Once children come into the picture the emphasis shifts quickly from eternal love to keeping track of soccer practices and homework deadlines. If it seems like the fire is burning out, don’t fret, there are many ways to spice up your married life. All it takes is some extra effort here and there and you both will be falling for each other all over again.

Schedule Time

Finding time together amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life can prove quite challenging. It’s easy to get bogged down in the routine and let the spark that brought you together die out. Large amounts of time spent apart can create many problems in a relationship, even more so in a marriage. If a few weeks have gone by without a date night, or really any alone time together, schedule a night where it’s just you and your spouse; no kids, no work, no distractions. You may have to hire a sitter, but a regularly scheduled Thursday night out can do wonders for your marriage.

  • Large amounts of time spent apart can create many problems in a marriage.
  • Make sure your evening out is distraction free.
  • A regularly scheduled night every week can do wonders for your marriage.

Be Spontaneous

When it comes to rekindling the spark, a little spontaneity goes a long way. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, or an unexpected flower delivery to where your spouse works, subtle surprises such as these are both charming and romantic. What’s best about the spontaneous approach is that it inspires reciprocated acts of kindness. It may start with breakfast in bed, or an impromptu flower delivery, but it quickly leads to more cute surprises that are sure to crank up the heat.

  • A little spontaneity goes a long way when it comes to rekindling a spark.
  • Surprising your spouse with niceties is both charming and romantic.
  • Being spontaneous encourages reciprocated acts of kindness.

Harken Back

Remember what drove you wild about your spouse when you first met? Was it their eyes, or the way they laughed at your silly jokes? Or was it that first date that had you hook-line-and-sinker? Whatever it was, recreating those initial butterflies is always a great reminder of why you chose to spend the rest of your lives together. Take a walk down memory lane, literally, and visit the spot where you had your first kiss, or the first time you told each other, “I love you.” Nostalgia is a powerful thing, use it to your advantage and swoon together all over again.

  • Remind yourselves why you chose to spend the rest of your lives together.
  • Visit meaningful places that signify important moments in your relationship.
  • Use nostalgia to your advantage and swoon all over again.

Heather Freeman is a writer for eHarmony and an authority on dating for seniors. She’s seen so many marriages fail and now she wants to use her powers for good and keep the lovebirds singing.

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