How to Get Your Ex Back When He Has a Girlfriend

So as you are reading this, you have probably broken up with your boyfriend and now want him back in your life. It can be quite challenging if your boyfriend is dating with a new girl. Don’t just lose hope. You can still get him back. It is not easy but possible. Here are some tips that you can try to get him back:


Be Mature:

If you really love him and want him back, then first of all accept that he is no more yours. Don’t do those childish antics like locking yourself in the bath

room or moping around the room. These will bring you no good but a zombie-like face. So be mature and accept that he is gone and time to move on. This will amaze your ex that how mature you’re handling the situation like this.

Don’t be the backstabber:

Never ever try to nag or bully him or his new girl in front of him. He will think that you’re jealous and narrow minded. Also he will be more certain that breaking up was the right choice. Don’t even talk about him on his back. Be nice to his girl like you are okay with them.

Be the good girl:

Try to remember your faults for the breakup. If you have any then try to fix it. Change your attitudes that affected your relationship. Show him that you’ve changed a lot but still you’re the person he used to love.

Don’t go for the conclusion:

Don’t beg him for coming back. Be patient. Even don’t try to blackmail emotionally. This can make the situation worse since he has a girlfriend. Find it if he is just trying to avoid the sorrow and pain through the new relation. If it is, then you’ve a great opportunity to get him back.

Don’t avoid his presence:

I know you are probably angry at him but don’t just avoid him. If he says hello to you, do the same. If you meet him at a party talk to him casually. This will help you to understand if he still loves you or not.

Keep connected with him:

Don’t lose your connection with him. Many think they can’t be friends with their exes. It is totally wrong. If you do so, he will never understand how perfect you’re for him. Let him know that you’re still the person he can trust as a friend, he can speak openly. He will surely look for you at awkward moment like he did before. Offer him a hand of friendship. This will make him realize that breaking up with you was a mistake.

Avoid retaliation:

Avoid any kind of retaliation. You must not play games like making him jealous by dating with someone else. That’s not a good idea at all. He is not doing this to hurt you. If you do so, it will be an immature act. Bottom line is you’ve to act nice and mature. I know this may kill you inside. But this is the only way to get your ex back.

Make him think about you:

How-To-Save-Your-RelationshipMake him feel that you still think about him. Remind him those good times you two spent together. Show her changes that you’ve done. These stuffs will surely make him think about you again. However, you must keep these tips in mind and try your best to get your ex back. This may not be easy like I said before. But if you want him back so badly, be confident that you can do it.

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