How To Dress On Your First Date – A Guide For Women


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how-to-dress-on-a-frist-dateHe has finally invited you on a date and you are excited, but worried at the same time. Millions of thoughts are pacing though your mind from what dress to wear to how to do your makeup. It is such an exciting day, but also quite a mind-blowing one with loads of pressure because on this day think you are expected to impress. Many women overcomplicate the subject and forget some of the most important factors that men actually do pay attention to. And it’s not that complicated really, it’s just a matter of being real.

Wear Classical Clothing

Whether you belong to the sporty category, or the more outgoing category, you ought to tone it down. Not to cover up your personality, but to look classy and feminine. Unless we are on a date with one of John Galliano’s friends, it is probably best we avoid wearing crazy hats and crazy fur. Men love pencil skirts with high heels (and by heels I mean shoes you can actually walk in without looking like a penguin), and simple little black dresses that are not only classy, but also allow your personality shine without clothes taking too much of the attention.

Wear Natural but Flirty Makeup

Makeup is very important in this case. Many men complain about not recognizing women in the morning after seeing their real face on, and makeup off. Of course this is a rather marginal situation, but it is true that it’s important to emphasize our real beauty instead of drowning in mascara, false lashes, tons of foundation, lip liner, spray tan etc.  First of all, your eyes should be emphasized. Men like smoky eyes because your eyes become sensual and inviting. You can also apply liquid eyeliner for a Monroe touch. Dependent on your temperament and your desire to kiss on your first date, lipstick should be kept to a minimal. It’s not too sexy to have lipstick on your teeth when you smile either, and in general, most men are not fond of lipstick on their lips. The key is to radiate a healthy look so try going with a tinted lip balm and a tiny bit of gloss that can be removed swiftly in case of emergency.

Wear Confidence

One of the most important factors during your date is confidence. There is nothing sexier than a woman confident in her own shoes and skin. You should be yourself and never try to impress with boosted realities because that will be quite obvious. The society we live in often pressures us to adapt to others, but it’s important not to compromise everything we believe just to please someone else. Be true to your beliefs and ideas but of course be equally diplomatic, as a relationship is about a comfortable symbiosis in first place. Avoid therefore the need to enforce your opinion upon your date. If he is the right one, he will understand and respect what you stand for, and won’t get offended by your firm opinions.

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