How Do I Get a Girl to Like Me – a Must Read Guide For All Guys

man-thinker-rationalize-000_620x350Written by guest author: Alex Steve

Love happens all the time. You may like a new girl every week or you may fall hard for that special someone and be obsessed with her for months. It is completely natural to be so into someone that you think about her all day and night, even when there are other women who may give you attention. Liking a girl is very easy. But what can be difficult for most guys is to make her like you back. If you are into a certain girl and you want to impress her and make her fall for you, don’t worry. Even though this part may seem tough, it actually takes very little effort and a few easy steps to get onto the path of a relationship with her.

In order to catch her attention, first you need to look at areas where you can improve yourself so that you can be a more presentable guy. It’s time to put those old faded clothes right at the back of your cupboard. Anything that may be considered ‘dangerous’ to wear (bold colors, shiny clothes, ramp styles) etc. should also be put at the back. Instead, go for a clean and sophisticated look.

Most women like classy and mature men and a few good clothes can go a long way. Facial appearances also matter so make sure you play to your strengths and opt for a look that suits your facial structure the best (long hair, beards and mustaches suit very few people).

Next, start getting friendly with the girl of your dreams. Even though most women dream of being swept off their feet by a mysterious man, in reality, they want a lover who is also a friend who they can cuddle up to after a long, tiring day and talk to them about anything they feel like. So start getting to know her and let her get comfortable with you. Without being too pushy, ask about her life and interests and all the things that matter to her. Let her get to know you and share small secrets so that she knows that she means a lot to you as a friend. Also make sure that you keep in touch on a regular basis so that she knows you think about her. However, do this in moderation so that you do not come across as desperate to talk to her.

Another great thing to do is to make plans about the future with her. Now, remember that plans like marriage and naming your imaginary future kids are a big no-no since this can scare off a lot of people. Stick to simple stuff like a romantic date the next week or a romantic weekend somewhere during the holidays.

Getting a girl to like you may take a little bit of time. It needs a bit of planning and a lot of patience. Ideally, taking slow and gradual steps will make her fall for you slowly and will make your relationship even better. So don’t try to speed things up and instead enjoy getting to know her and learning as much as you can about her. And finally, don’t forget that all women love little gifts and surprises. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. A simple bunch of flowers, a small gift or even remembering some small detail about her out of the blue will get her very impressed. Be a gentleman when you are with her. Hold the door open for her, walk her home after a night out and generally make her feel like the most important and pampered girl on the planet. Remember, the smallest gestures are often the greatest pleasers.

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