First Dating Advice For Coffee Dates


First-Dating-AdviceHere are some first dating advice for coffee dates, that will help you make a good first impression, and increase your odds to finding and keeping the right one!

First Dating Advice Tip #1

Pick a great place to make your coffee date more interesting and memorable. If it’s all about a great experience, why not pick a great coffee date spot? There’s a number of interesting cafe places in your city that you and your date can explore together. There’s dessert places, and even restaurants that serve interesting and specialty coffees, which also provide you the atmosphere you’re looking for. Whether you are looking for something intimate, hip, casual, edgy, fun or romantic, there are many restaurants, cafe’s and even bookstores, will make your “coffee date” a fun, memorable and interesting time.

First Dating Advice Tip #2

Be sure you have a lot of great “open-ended” questions at your disposal that can open up conversation with your date. In the moments of awkward silence, you will need a library of great questions to ask that not only invite conversation, but they also show you have an interest in what your date is all about. What you want to find out on your first date WITHOUT feeling like you’re conducting an interrogation, are any common interests you may have, what this person likes to do for fun, what about the work that they do, touching a little bit about their family and friends, and learning about their personal tastes and style perhaps in music, art, or sports. If you ALWAYS have a great question, you will typically have control in the conversation and also allow your date to relax and open up to you by showing you care about getting to know them.

First Dating Advice Tip #3

Turn your ringer off on your mobile device and leave the electronics off the table. Don’t pay more attention to your cell phone or ANY type of mobile hand device than your date. In today’s society, most people can’t function without their cell phones. I often hear many singles complain to me about how irritated they were, because their date checked their cell phone or their phone would ring or continually buzz due to incoming email or text messages. When you are on a date, remember that you are NOT at work. If you MUST take your phone on your date due to child care concerns or potential “emergencies” due to a special situation, it’s always best that you let your date know that up front! At least you’re being courteous and not leaving the impression that you can’t “turn off” and give them the attention that they deserve and want. Remember that most coffee dates are set up as a getting to know you opportunity. You should use this time wisely and put your energy and time into your dating experience, rather than checking Facebook updates or the latest tweets.

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8 thoughts on “First Dating Advice For Coffee Dates”

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  2. Great tips you’ve got here, Carmelia. I would also add – be genuinely interested in your date. You can always feel when someone is curious to know you better or only chat about themselves.

    1. I agree with you 100% Julia. Genuine interest is NOT something that we can make up though. Having said that, always look for opportunities to develop your own dating skills and appreciate the good things that this new person may have to offer 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Mark. It sounds like you could have given this advice to some of your dates? So many people have a challenge with knowing when to turn off their cell phones off and give their date the respect of their time and attention.

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