Why Finding True Love Is Worse than Not Getting a Rose


So many millions of people are challenged with finding true love. Love is a short word, but has a much larger meaning. It’s one thing that can’t be avoided; no matter how hard one can try. It’s one thing that isn’t always controllable. It can be one of the BEST and WORST things one can ever experience in life. Love is one thing that is so easy to fall in to, but sometimes the hardest to get out of it. MainlyLove is all about respect, honesty, trust and support.Love is an affection that one can have towards another person. It can be so romantic and charming if anyone believe in 3 things: care, loyalty and respect that plays a major role when it comes to love.

Finding true Love is a sensational feeling which has spiritual attachment with nature. It is a gift from God with a feeling of sensation that generates magically &spontaneouslybased on physical and emotional attraction while meeting the right person with a natural phenomenon with a mixture of care, understanding, persevere, trust, hopes, patience, kind & protection. It always comes from our heart. Finding True Love is a smile of our satisfaction that can change our bad habits to good habits. Biology says that it is nothing but the play of hormones that ends with better sex through better love. It’s a passion to keep and be happy and thinking about the person all the time and feel deeply pain inside the heart in absence of someone special.Finding True Love is the meeting between two pure hearts at their own wish that satisfies their life. Actually finding true love is like water; you can fall in it, drown in it but can’t live without it. In another words, love is also an unexplainable joy with an unimaginable expression which over throne us uncontrollable.It makes us believe that the impossible can be possible when we are at the right place/with the right person. So true love is the love that nobody understands expect the person who feels the dream of the love and express the love.

One can compare True love with a Rose that defines the symbol of love because it has two things, beauty and fragrance. However, its thorns represent hardships that come in the way of love and life and our happiness. That’s why roses and thorns are together and they just go well together. It reminds us to ‘handle it with care’ that is what called the reality of life. Love also manifests in different types and colors associated with various types of moods. It has inspired many people with its beauty. Its delicate petals caresses for loved ones. Rose elegance is the touch of life in itself. They commonly represent love, affection, commemoration, resurrection, life and innocence. So we can say. Not Finding True Love is worse; like not getting a Rose.

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