Electronic Cigarettes: A Do or Don’t of Dating?

electronic-cigretteFor the most part smoking is still considered a turn-off. Electronic cigarettes may be a solution.  Smokers who are thinking about quitting, rarely date current smokers because it is hard to be around someone who smokes without relapsing.
Occasional social smoking may be an exception here, because it is common for people to smoke at bars, clubs, and parties even if they do not regularly smoke. For the most part, smoking paints a big red X on your back.
But what about the e-cigarette?
We went out on the streets of Chicago to see what people thought:

I would consider it whereas I would not date a traditional smoker.

Sharon, 33

If they were using it to quit, yes. Otherwise, it comes across as kind of douchey. “Oh, look. I’m in a movie theater and I need a smoke sooooo bad. Good thing I can smoke right here!”

Damien, 20

Maybe. If I really liked them yes, especially because I wouldn’t have to go outside with them every time they wanted to smoke and they wouldn’t smell bad, but in general I’m pretty adamant against tobacco products.

Rachel, 27

Yes. Because it’s considerably less smelly and doesn’t cost as much, right? 

Tim, 24

Maybe if they were using it for cessation, but maybe not if they picked it up as a new thing.

Kyle, 30

The verdict: it’s a step up from the real thing. It seems that there is still a generally negative attitude surrounding the idea, but most people see it as a valid replacement for traditional cigarettes.
It seems the main concern is why and how the person uses it rather than if the person uses it. With traditional smoking, if you do it regularly, you are a smoker. Alternatively, with electronic cigarettes, if you are subtle about it, your partner will barely know the difference.

Smoking electronic cigarettes should be limited to the same areas that you would see a regular smoker. Avoid smoking in restaurants, movie theaters, airplanes, or anywhere you see a “no smoking” sign.
Most people see quitting smoking by using electronic cigarettes as a viable option, but if you simply use it to satisfy your nicotine habit, it’s a turnoff.
So, if you’re a tobacco smoker looking to quit, electronic cigarettes are a big do, but if you’re picking it up just because it’s something cool to do, it’s a big don’t.

Sean Mayes is a freelance writer for TheeCiggy.com. He enjoys spending his free time schmoozing and people watching.

Smokers normally date smokers—and there’s good reason too! Smoking is often seen in a negative light nowadays. It is partly because there is a smell and a taste associated with it, and partly because there are negative health implications.

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