Dating Tips For Girls Who Want to Date a Young Internet Star

This is a special dating tips for girls, guest post written by 15 yr old You Tube Pop sensation Isaac Basal from Montreal!
I can’t speak for every artist out there, as well as being 15 there’s not much I can say based on experience. I believe that first and foremost a girl that I would be interested in should want to be herself. If she tries to be something else she’s just to impress me, I’ll end up being disappointed cause she will not be who I thought she was when I was first attracted to her. If I had to spend quality time with a girl, I would want it to be real.  It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want her to have some common interests.

I’m obviously passionate about my music, instruments, vocals and dance.  Keeping me company while I play, write and record would be nothing less than awesome. I play sports, watch movies; I love science and my moms cooking!  I am someone who likes to laugh and make others laugh. I may be young but I know what I’d like to offer in terms of dating tips for girls.The girl that could win my heart might not have all the same interest as myself; but that’s OK, as long as she has these traits:
• M-Morality, with good morals, she’ll know right from wrong.
• U-Unique, she should want to be only herself.
• S-Smiles, see her sweetness thru her smile.
• I-Interesting, keep me on my toes with interest.
• C-Compassion, a big heart goes a long way with me.
Just 5 simple things and she’ll play MUSIC straight to my heart!
The rest, I would take it day by day! In every relationship its give and take, you learn to like her interest to please her and vice versa, she learns to like yours!  All of these are just a few little of my tips for dating…
As I said, I can’t talk for every artist out there. However, since I am 15 and the person I would be dating would be the same age as me, we could both learn and gain experience for future dating! To put it in short…she should give me something to write about in my next hit single!!!

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