Dating Tips: The Do’s and Dont’s of Dating


This is a special guest post contributed by X-Factor sensation Josh Levi. Dating tips written by a 15 yr old busy musician who has some great do’s and dont’s to finding love based on his personal experiences.

For me, dating has been kind of a fun absence in my career and personal life. Frequently, I get questions like: have you ever been in relationships before, how is it balancing your career and responsibilities with a girlfriend, what I look for in a girl and many more. Here are my tips and opinions to ease your curiousness.

When you’re in the music industry and this may apply for any industry, I think dating is much easier, if both people share a passion for something on the same level. Whether this level is super difficult, involving you to be apart from each other all over the world, or just getting started.  I had one experience with the a girl I was dating a while ago and we were both involved with something we loved on different levels, which made it difficult. I also personally enjoy when a girl is equally involved with something she loves, that way I can show her support and brag about her hahaha. Just like my sister and brother are the most supportive siblings in the world, I like turning the table and bragging to people how amazing they are at their passions and the difficult levels  at which they perform.

 Here are some things I look for in a girl:

  • Amazing at being who she is (so I can’t stop talking about her to other people)
  • Someone who has the same beliefs
  • Someone who loves smiling as much as I do
  • Of course someone who can embrace my silliness and constant smothering
  • And a girl with confidence, a cute style, good values, and her own personal passion

Here’s some definite Do’s and Don’ts


  1. There’s nothing more attractive to me than a confident girl.
  2. I’ve always had a thing for a girl that’s amazing at what she does. 
(hobby, craft etc.,)
  3. Be yourself, don’t google anything. You want someone who loves you for you and not WikiAnswers.

Don’ts for girls

  1. Don’t drown yourself in perfume because he may sneeze in the food.
  2. Don’t date someone your afraid to introduce to your family.
  3. Don’t date someone who, in the beginning, has morals you don’t agree 

Lastly, you can always make things better by serenading her with your voice or vise versa.

Just kidding, while that does help sometimes, the healthiest dating consists of both of you loving each other the same amount and making small compromises here and there. If you do that, with my experience (not much), dating is happy.




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