Discovered Cheating in a Relationship? Go to Cheaterville!

I had the pleasure of interviewing James McGibney, founder of Cheaterville. Cheaterville is the #1 online dating website resource for anyone who’s discovered cheating in a relationship. Cheaterville was launched February 14th, 2011 after one of his good buddies, a U.S marine in the military, was cheated on by his wife while he was away on deployment. James is also a former U.S marine and is currently married with two young children living in Las Vegas; ironically Sin City capital!

At the time of his friend’s tragic discovery, he really felt compelled to create a site to help others avoid getting cheated on for various reasons. Cheaterville is there as a resource for those who are suspicious or concerned about someone they are dating and want to be sure they have not been reported as a cheater and also for those who have been cheated on. You might also be a friend, co-worker or caring family member to create a cheater profile on the site just to warn others to beware. It’s been viewed as a way of “Paying it Forward” All you have to do is create an account on Cheaterville and expose the cheater with all the gory details so others are aware.

There have literally been millions of cheaters posted on the site and many of them have come from online dating sites. The following diagram shows a break down of where many of the cheaters have reportedly been found among some very well know dating sites.

CheaterVille_Chart (1)What’s interesting are all the stories on Cheaterville and that there are far more women being reported on than men. Further to that more studies reveal that blondes are the biggest culprits compared to other hair colors. Recently Cheaterville has come to Canada and you can now post Canadian cheaters on this site. I’ve seen a few posts of cheaters to be wary of right here in Toronto. You don’t have to have celebrity status such as Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bill Gates to appear on this site. You just have to be a known cheater and have been caught. Mind you, James admits the site may have people who have been falsely accused because no evidence is required to be accused of cheating. The “cheater” does have an opportunity to respond and the person who posted the alleged cheater can actually remove the post. So in the world of Cheaterville you may be viewed as GUILTY until proven innocent.

Whatever the circumstances, someone was pissed off, upset or has some serious trust issues. James is passionate very passionate about Cheaterville and it’s purpose to avoid infidelity from taking ┬áplace, or for an innocent and trusting person to be fooled if they are dealing with a “professional.”

In some cases the site has repaired relationships after the cheater owns up to the mistake and tries to make amends in the relationship for the betrayal. With millions of visitor to the site and over 2 million cheaters reported on, it clearly has a place on the internet and is proving to be a valuable resource. I hope to meet James and some of his team at the upcoming internet dating conference held right in Las Vegas, January 14-16th 2014. It’s the largest gathering of online dating site owners, date coaches and matchmakers world wide. I’m sure collectively we could add a few more to the growing list of cheaters on the roster.

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