Tuesday, October 3, 2023

What This Guy Does for His Fiance is Absolutely Incredible! Get The Tissues Out…

Enter Adam Khoo - This is one of the most inspiring stories I have ever watched on the power of unconditional love. It is...

Boyfriend Had Been Proposing For 365 Days (Warning: Will make You Cry)


Best Wedding Proposal Ever: Flash Mob [must see video]

This video found on You Tube has been viewed over 17,000,000 times! Like every other comment to this video, one of the questions I...

The Influence of Alcohol and Love! [epic video]

We've become big fans of Wong Fu Productions. To save you time scrolling through their 300+ videos, we're sharing our favorite Wong Fu Videos...

This is what 50 Years of Love Looks Like

Do marriage vows seem to mean as much today as they used to? If you've heard anything about the increase in divorce rates, you...
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