How To Get Sex

Did you know that showering more frequently actually increases your odds for sex? We suggest you read this interesting info graphic that shares some...

Interesting Facts About Sex

Here is a great pictograph we found about some random sex facts. There sure are some funny ones in there. Source:

A 21st Century Guide To Staying Sexually Healthy

Sex is something to be celebrated and enjoyed, but unless you’re careful when you get intimate with others, you could be left with more...
50 Shades of grey

Bedroom Gymnastics Enhancements – Making the First Move

The thing about being in a couple is that there are two of you – mind-blowing stuff to take in, isn’t it? But seriously, the...

5 ways to increase female libido

A lot of people assume that low sex drive is something that only affects men of a certain age, but a lack of libido can be a big issue of women as well.

Infographic: One Night Stands

Infographic Source: click here

Sex tips: DO’s and Dont’s inside the bedroom

Have you ever wondered if Adam and Eve did any other positions other than the missionary style? During their time there weren’t any Kama Sutra books nor porn movies or sex gurus to teach them how to hit the G-spots or prolong men’s orgasm for more excitement. Sex life was simpler that time but they appear to be happy and contented and men don’t seem to worry much if they are performing well or not. Men often think big and there are times their expectations gets the best of them. The very thing men should remember is that women are not switch that can be easily turned on then off if he is done. Sex between two individuals should always be something pleasant and a two-way satisfaction. If you want to be “the man” you should remember what the do’s and don’ts in bed.
signs of marriage problems

Signs of Marriage Problems

The reported divorce rate in North America is that approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce. The rate of divorce actually increases with the...

Transform Your Intimate Life in 12 Months

It's a common story... how many of the following have you heard the voice in your head whispering? I'm never going to find anyone better She/He...

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Girlfriend Secretly Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Boyfriend – Goes VIRAL!

Not too long ago the world of one couple changed drastically when a boyfriend posted comics that his girlfriend Catana drew online. The cute...

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