Monday, November 28, 2022

The Surprise of His Life – Making Mind-Blowing Memories

Every now and again, women all over the land decide that for whatever reason it’s time to give the bloke in their life a...

Is This Relationship Advice You Would Give To Your Partner?

Nowadays, people tend to give a lot of relationship advice surrounding sharing personal passwords and social media drama. All relationships must start with a...

100 Possible Relationship Status Selection Options on Facebook!!

OK, so we are all in"some" sort of relationship status categories at any given point in our lives. Facebook has not gotten up to...

Long Distance Relationship Tips

Long distance relationships have many pros and cons and it's not the easiest of relationships to be in. They can also be very full...

5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship When It Gets Boring

Let’s face it; not a relationship is perfect. Every relationship is a work in progress; you will find some aspects of it to improve all the time. But, this doesn’t mean your relationship is not perfect for you; it only means that you have to find ways to make it work for you. When thinking about your relationship, do you think that it’s only, “okay” or “good enough” or “not bad?” Then, that’s a warning sign that you must take action in improving your relationship. A successful long term relationship doesn’t get fixed overnight. It goes through a process and the earlier you start trying these few tips below, the sooner your relationship might start getting better.

Relationship Advice: What do Men Want in Women?

This is a question I'm often asked by thousands of women! What DO men want? I have interviewed thousands of men and although the specific...

Confessions Site Reveals the Most Disturbing American Secrets

1 is a site that allows visitors to post their own confessions and comment on others, and has just released their Top 10 Confessions of Americans list. This list was compiled from over 30,000 confessions submitted since the site’s inception, and provides quite a shocking summary of what’s going on behind closed doors in America. Among them, 27% of confessions included sexual acts with a parent or other family member, and 11% about incestuous relations with a sibling or cousin. Perhaps most shocking is that 12% of the confessions polled regarded bestiality, or sexual acts with another species….mainly dogs. This website combines all of the guilty pleasures of a social network with the privacy of anonymity, so visitors can say whatever they want about whomever they want. When something is nagging and won’t go away, or a visitor just needs to get something off their chest, RawConfessions offers a safe way to tell the world without revealing their identity.

How To Save Your Relationship With Your Girlfriend

About The Author: Alan B. Sahu loves to write articles on relationship issues. If you have a troublesome relationship with your partner and want...

Ways To Get Him To Commit: Read A Letter from a Commitment Phobic...

If you're looking for ways to get him to commit, I believe hearing from a commitment phobic man who has "been there done that";...
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