Thursday, June 1, 2023

Days Before Valentine’s Day

Check out this funny graph of all the events that take place just before valentines day! Source: Check out these great posts: Valentines Day Pictures Collection Homemade...

The Girl Paradox

Do you agree with the girl paradox? Share it with your friends if you do. And feel free to share your thoughts in the comments...

Will He Text? Follow the Map and Find Out

Photo Source: Glamour

A Kid Asks his mom how he was born on whatsApp…

Haha this is so cute! Do you get the whole story?

Funny Pic Quote: Don’t be too Picky!

Just a little reminder to not be so picky when it comes to giving someone a chance!

Funny Photo Graph – When You Realize You’re Wrong in an Argument

Would you admit you were wrong or continue arguing? Do you agree with the Graph? Let us know in the comments section below!

Things You Should Avoid Saying During Sex

O.K, so here's a nice little image of things you should NOT say during sex. If you've had some crazy things said to you...
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