Saturday, August 13, 2022

A Kid Asks his mom how he was born on whatsApp…

Haha this is so cute! Do you get the whole story?

Dating Quote from the Classic Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield was perhaps one of the most well known comedians of his time. Give him a 'like' and keep his comedy going.    

100 Possible Relationship Status Selection Options on Facebook!!

OK, so we are all in"some" sort of relationship status categories at any given point in our lives. Facebook has not gotten up to...

Days Before Valentine’s Day

Check out this funny graph of all the events that take place just before valentines day! Source: Check out these great posts: Valentines Day Pictures Collection Homemade...

Funny Pic Quote: Don’t be too Picky!

Just a little reminder to not be so picky when it comes to giving someone a chance!

Will He Text? Follow the Map and Find Out

Photo Source: Glamour

Funny Cartoon Pic – Only Cause It’s Your Birthday

Ha ha! Does your Birthday look like this? Need to rev up your Sex life? Click Here!

Jerry Seinfield Quotes About First Dates

True Say Mr. Seinfield! True Say!
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