100 Possible Relationship Status Selection Options on Facebook!!

Facebook Realtionship StatusOK, so we are all in”some” sort of relationship status categories at any given point in our lives. Facebook has not gotten up to speed on all the possible answers and categories to someone’s “relationship status”. They ONLY list 11 POSSIBLE sections for relationship status and don’t allow for multiple selections or appropriate answers to the question of one’s relationship status.

Let’s be real, and let’s face it..that’s hardy enough to describe the relationship dynamics in today’s society! If you think FACEBOOK needs to GET WITH THE TIMES and add a few more categories and answers with the ability to select up to 5 multiple categories..SPREAD the WORD and SHARE this article. LIKE it! TWEET it! DIGG it! LOVE it! Because we KNOW it to be true!

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Enjoy 😀

And if we’ve missed anything. I welcome your comments!

Current Facebooks categories:

1. Single
2. In a relationship (Duh!)
3. Engaged
4. Married
5. It’s complicated
6. In an open relationship
7. Widowed
8. Separated
9. Divorced
10. In a civil union
11. In a domestic partnership

But they forgot about:

12. With a cheap bastard
13. Texting
14. Sexting
15. Talking
16. Just Kinda Talking
17. a F**k buddy
18. Friend with benefits
19. Dating and Mating
20. Confused
21. Leading someone on
22. Being led on by someone
23. Homewrecker
24. What you want me to be
25. Homosexual

26. With their Hand (lol)

Funny Facebook Relationship Status

27. Dirty old man
28. Old maid
29. Virgin
30. With a stripper
31. With a bitch
32. With a couch potato
33. Emailing
34. With a con artist
35. Predator
36. Prey
37. Long distance
38. Skyping
39. Making love to my pet
40. Dating a Cougar
41. Dating a Cub

42. a Swinger (I bet this one would be popular now a days)

Facebook Gudie to Realationship Status'

43. In jail
44. With a Douche bag
45. With a Player
46. Dating my Ex
47. With a BBW
48. Dominatrix
49. Slave (S & M)
50. Interracial
51. Incestuous
52. Dating my cousin
53. Married to my cousin
54. staying together cuz there’s kids
55. Delusional
56. Hopeless romantic
57. Heart broken
58. In love.. I think
59. In a love triangle
60. Bitter
61. Dating a tall person
62. Dating a person in my mind
63. Got the Asian Fever
64. Hugh Hefnering it
65. Anything goes
66. Cheating
67. Being cheated on
68. Being lied to
69. Dating a Sugar Daddy
70. Dating a Sugar Mamma
71. Pimping
72. a Hooker
73. Into bad boys
74. Into nerds
75. In a cult
76. In an arranged marriage
77. Barely Legal
78. With a Panther
79. With a manther
80. With a Lion (Older men that like younger women)
81. With a Kitten (Younger women dating older man)
82. With a Millionaire
83. With a MILF
84. In denial
85. No idea
86. If I tell you, I’d have to kill you
87. Need more clarity
88. Friends with benefits
89. Dating my boss
90. Dating my secretary
91. Dating my lawyer
92. With the Mail Man
93. With the Milk Man
94. Married to my JOB
95. Married to a bitch
96. F**k you for asking!
97. With a Hottie!
98. None of your business
99. With my teacher

100. And the last and final answer: “Can you please repeat the question”?

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