What Women Really Want in a Man

What Women Really Want in a Man

What Women Really Want in a ManPerhaps I should re-phrase the question as “What DON’T women want in men?” In my experience as a match making industry expert I would have to say that when I’ve asked this very question to thousands of single women “What are you looking for in the ideal man?” most women have already written and prepared their “wish list” of criteria. They have either written it, or they can start rhyming of a grocery list of personality traits and characteristics their perfect guy would have. On the reverse, it seems that the majority of men know what they DON’T want in a woman.

I’ve collected just a few of the most common responses I’ve received when asking women what they want to find in “Mr.Right”.

1. I want a man that’s romantic

Romantic ManWhen I speak to men and women about why their past relationships have failed, a common reply was “we drifted apart” or they blame the lack of romance in their relationships. What women really want in a man is for them to wine and dine them. Many relationship experts advise couples to have a weekly date night to keep the spark alive. Thousands of single women share their stories of how blissful and wonderful the relationship was during the “courting” process or what is sometimes referred to as the “honey moon” stage of the relationship. It is during this time that both sexes are on their best behavior showcasing all of their best most desirable qualities. They haven’t spent enough time with you to discover all the other personalities and traits you  both positive and negative.

During the honeymoon phase men are super attentive, caring, thoughtful, some even agree to watch your favorite chick flick or Disney movie. There is no guarantee however that your partner will remain awake for the entire movie, but the point was he went along with it. Give him an A for effort.

2. I want a man with a great sense of humour

A man with a great sense of humour is a definite TOP 3 in the qualities of what women really want in a man! Women want a man who can make her laugh!

Wikipedia states : Laughing is a reaction to certain stimuli, fundamentally stress, which serves as an emotional balancing mechanism. Traditionally, it is considered a visual expression of happiness, or an inward feeling of joy.  It is in most cases a very pleasant sensation.

The ability to make a woman laugh is almost as important as the attraction factor and great sex. There is an old saying that “laughter is the best medicine” and this is true in a relationship. Particularly in a loving relationship where you may experience the normal trials and tribulations of life which includes stress of work, family, possibly kids and definitely finances; laughter is a great cure for diffusing conflict. Laughing relieves stress, enhances communication, and enriches relationships.

For great tips on using laughter to enhance your relationships visit www.laughtertherapy.com

3. I want a man who’s honest

Honest ManIt seems that many women have experienced a man who has caused her to REALLY mistrust the future men that she dates. The man I am talking about is the man that she put her TRUST into only to have it broken and left her with a number of unanswered questions starting with “Why? How? Who? What? Where? And When?” Women have shared with me stories of men that lied, cheated, stolen, taken advantage of them, ran off with the “other woman. So it doesn’t come to my surprise that ALMOST EVERY woman I have surveyed or asked the question “What do you want from a man?” HONESTY seems to almost jump out of their mouth! You simply can not be in a relationship with someone you don’t or can’t trust. What women really want in a man is a man they can trust. Trust is the foundation of any good solid relationship. What’s important to remember is that you cannot seek an honest man if you are not honest or able to trust yourself.

4. I want a man who is financially stable

Financially Stable ManI have yet to meet or have spoken with a woman that doesn’t care if a man is financially stable or not. What some women will say is that they don’t care if the man is “rich” or not, but he should be able to support himself. A man who is financially stable is even more important to younger women or women who are still considering having a family or already have kids of their own. If they are thinking long-term, women want to know that the man they choose has the ability to take care of her and their family.

There are studies that show that men are attracted to women for their looks, while women are attracted to men that are financially responsible/independent.

A man with status and earning power will always get “picked” first or put in front of the dating line of men.

At the back of that line would be your students, low-income earners and unemployed men. So there is definitely a link between financial stability and level of attractiveness for women who are seeking partnerships with men. The degree of a man’s financially stability also offers a certain lifestyle for a woman and more options when it comes to choice of vacations, kids’ education and homes. There are still many women that want the option to stay at home if she is considering having a family and that would not be possible for a man that didn’t have his financial house in order. With the increase of more independent and financially stable single moms and women out there dating;  they at least want to meet a man that matches their earning potential and  not be “intimidated” by her success.

Do you know what Women Really Want in a Man?
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Wriiten with Love by Carmelia Ray

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