What is Love? [must see video]

This is a beautiful description which describes what love is, from the perspective of a boyfriend “in love” with his girlfriend. There were some definite tissue grabbing moments. Enjoy 🙂

Click here to watch another Wong Fu Production about Love and Relationships.

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41 thoughts on “What is Love? [must see video]”

  1. This video was amazing. I wish there was more. It made me want to break down and cry. Every word & every moment made me wish it would never end.

    1. Thank you Paris for sharing your feelings. I felt the same way watching it for the first time. These guys truly captured a beautiful description of the many faces of love. Beautiful story indeed.

    1. I have never seen any of their videos until now. Glad it was introduced to me. Stories like this one really open your heart and mind to think of things in a positive light.

  2. Oh my god! As a 24 year old guy i feel like i’m starting to reach a point in my life where i want to find that type of love. This video makes me hope i can find that girl who is all those things to me. I’m astounded at how amazing this video was and the emotions it made me feel. They did such a great job, and i’m am so glad that i came across it. Thank You so much to everyone involved with this video.

    1. Hi Donnie,
      The fact that you are 24 and reaching a point in your life where you want to find love is amazing.
      We all need to take time to reflect on things which matter to us most, and understand the types of relationships out there which exist for us to find. I would advise you start by making a list of the type of woman you want to attract and how you want this type of relationship to feel like.
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. This is when your skin tries to hold your emotions inside. I am 27 and I never wondered and valued these things before now. I guess you never stop learning. I’m glad that it happened now, thanks to this video. Thanks allot for sharing!
    I defiinitely need a girl! xD

  4. This was amazing! I have chills after watching this. I totally get the 5, but its the 6th that is so elusive. I have yet to find her but I’m sure I will one day and then I will understand the ending of this video. Thank you for all the work it took to make this video; it is truly a work of art!

  5. That was amazing. And so well done.. I didn’t think I would cry…. And then it got me. Definitely going to be sharing this with my friends <3

    1. Hi Aly,
      It got me too, but I cry easily. lol
      Thanks for sharing. I shared it on all my social platforms, because not only was the story super sweet, these guys did such an amazing job 😀 I’m a new fan!

  6. Although it’s kind of overly romantic, and I am sure many of us would love to be in love like that (whether we like to admit it or not), nonetheless I enjoyed it.

    Men: Awe he is so slick and smooth! I wanna be him!
    Women: Awe.. he is so romantic and charming! I want to be with him.

    1. behonest

      Hahaha, I enjoyed your script about men and women. Here was my reaction:

      Carmelia: aweeeeee, wish I could describe my ex’s that way. I think most people would describe their ex’s this way:

      Who – Did he think he was?
      What – The hell was I thinking?
      Where – Did I think that was going?
      When – Did I wake up and realize we weren’t compatible
      WHY – Did I stay with him so long?

      I appreciated how this guy had something wonderful to say about his past loves. It’s very touching….and different!

  7. I think if any of us could feel this love for just a second for someone, it would be worth living. spread these words in your heart to people. this video has really made me think

  8. This video was amazing and extremely well done. and Harry Shum Jr. did a wonderful job. I definitely feel like the girl. I feel like I am the last with the man I am with.

  9. Hi, I just have to be honest..as it’s said, it’s well done. But it plays out like a very prepared for movie, the girl didn’t even cry after all that either…not that every girl DOES, but after some legendary explaining like THAT floats out of his mouth..I’m just sayin’ it’s gonna make a lady moist and I’m not gonna clean-up the way I said that. I’ve always been precocious, THIS guy has wisdom of a thirty year old though..it’s not believable, I’m sorry- it’s just not real. Btw, I can say nice things about my exes too, but I don’t know a woman who could listen and either not be jealous, or not use the info against me at a later time =7 “I gave my heart away, and she did not reciprocate the same, even as I know she loves me ever is she afraid to say. Her blue eyes do look out of the hole in my chest whether I’m running or whether at rest, by the same love cursed is the same love I’m blessed and I wonder in slumber if it’s all just a test or like the fool that I am dreaming in blue, it’s my heart that grants her a hazel view…..hoping for me as I’m hoping for you.” -Jonathan

  10. This is perfect and totally describes where I have been and where I am now. The woman I love has made bad choices and while she cares for me she is afraid to surrender to what is in her heart. She doesn’t have faith that a man can always be there for her. I will share this with her sometime.

    Thank you

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