Top 5 Mistakes Men Make Online Dating


Mistakes-Men-MakeGentleman, if you want to have an edge when it comes to online dating you need to be aware of the common mistakes that you make. Bear in mind that there are thousands of singles out there fishing in the same pool as you are, and online dating is highly competitive.  Women are concerned about online dating safety also and you want to be sure that your profile doesn’t make you to appear like a stalker or creep by choosing the wrong user name or photos to represent yourself. In order to stand out from the crowd and increase your odds for success, you need to know what to do and what not to do. Although there are many things to be conscious of when it comes to creating your profile and getting noticed, there are also many mistakes that you should be aware of that you guys are making. If you find yourself doing the following, make sure that you do your best to change it quickly!

Mistake #1: Posting the wrong profile pictures

I would strongly recommend that you take professional photographs of yourself that are current and reflect your BEST self. The main profile picture should show your face or entire body close up and alone. The pictures online with a group of guys is NEVER a good idea. You have no idea WHO you really are, and sometimes the ladies may take a liking for one of your friends rather than you! One of the traits women find attractive in men  is BEING ATTRACTIVE. If you are not posting a recent great photo of yourself  looking your best, then you are NOT being noticed. Pictures that look like they were taken a few years ago, you standing about 50 feet away, or in a group setting, or wearing a slogan T-shirt that says “I’m horny” will have women glancing over your profile in less than 2 seconds.

Mistake #2: Having a boring generic profile

How many times have you read “I like watching movies, I’m family oriented, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I am fit, active, and I like to fix things”. You would THINK that those few adjectives are enough, but truthfully they read like thousands of other fun, interesting, sweet, edgy single men out there with no real “feeling” to them. You need to give careful thought to HOW you are attracting women to yourself and GIVE them a real reason to WANT to get to know you. Use words that are sensual, that invite taste, sound, feeling and emotion. INVOLVE your potential partner by saying  and describing something as simple as “Can you imagine us curled up by the fireplace, snuggling under a cozy blanket, playing footsie, sipping a great bottle of Merlot, feeding each other the juiciest of strawberries?”  What women really want in a man is a man who is romantic, man who’s communicative and a man who’s honest. So if you know what some women want, then you should present yourself in such a way that highlights those things that women find attractive.

Mistake #3: Not reading ladies dating profiles

Gentleman, please READ the profile of the ladies that you are messaging! Too often you fire off a message to someone who catches your eye not realizing that you have absolutely NOTHING in common with her.  A classic example to that is a man who messages a woman who says she doesn’t want a smoker and you’re a chain smoker and say “Hey, it seems like we have a lot in common”. You do not make a good impression with a lady and virtually lose all hope of any sort of 1st date conversation if you are caught messaging a woman you have very little in common with. The fact that you actually message a woman at all-knowing full well that there’s very little in common with her on the HOPES that she may find YOU attractive is just a waste of time. Women do read your profile IF she finds you attractive. After all, women do the same when it comes to surfing the choices of men online. You can be sure that she read the parts on your profile that she’s interested in, to determine that you have enough in common with her before taking the time to send you a message.

Mistake #4: Sending a poor personal message

Have you ever shook a person’s hand and felt a weak, clammy, wet, limp hand?  That’s the vibe a woman gets when she receives a message that reads like this “OMG YOU’RE HOT” or “WOW” or even the simple one liners like “Hi”. That’s a sure recipe for your message to be almost instantly deleted. There would have to be serious interest on the part of a woman to actually respond to a one liner message from a man who did not think she was worthy of a message that involved any sort of thought.

Mistake #5: Choosing a bad User name

Mistakes-Men-MakeIt amazes me at how many men out there who choose user names such as “iwannagetlaid”, “justgotdumped” or “lovebeerandchips” and expect to attract a woman who is SERIOUS about a long-term relationship. If your intention is to find and attract a woman for a relationship, it’s best NOT to have any sort of user handle that makes you appear to be desperate, shallow, horny and or super egotistical (without being able to back it up). If you are having difficulty choosing an appropriate name, definitely ask family and close friends what their opinion is and do your best to showcase the sensitive and or fun side of your personality.


So fellas. Take inventory of the Top 5 Mistakes you may be making and correct the things you can as soon as possible to increase your odds of finding and meeting the right lady!

Wriiten with Love by Carmelia Ray





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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Mistakes Men Make Online Dating”

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  2. Online dating for me has been a God-send. It’s the easiest way to date in my opinion. You have time to choose the best picture of yourself. You have time to create a profile that showcases your best qualities. If you’re smart, online dating is the way to go.

    1. It’s great to hear the positive feedback from those who enjoy online dating. It’s NOT for everyone and if you’ve found the right avenue, then your halfway there to finding the right one! (if that’s your goal)

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