7 Tips You Can Use To Spice up Your Relationship and Make It Livelier

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Hey Mark, please I need your help, my relationship has turned out to be a routine and am getting tired of the routine, we keeping doing the same thing every day and it seems as though we don’t love each other anymore, but I still love my girlfriend very much and I would do anything for her to show her that I still care about her but with the way things are going, am afraid am getting fade up with the whole relationship thing, we just do the same thing over and over again, there is nothing new, the relationship is getting so boring that I feel like running away from her but I don’t want to, please can you advise me on what I should do so that I will make my relationship come alive once again…

This is one out of the many complaints that I receive on a daily basis concerning this matter.

There are people that their relationships have since ceased to be what it used to be and many are looking for ways they can either fix the problem or run away from the relationship entirely. You might be facing the same predicament now and you don’t know what to do in order to get yourself out of this dilemma, but don’t worry, you are reading the article that is targeted at that particular problem and I assure you that after you are done reading this article, you will get the solutions that you need to solve the problem you are facing.


The first thing you need to do to ensure you bring your relationship to what it used to be before, is to bring back communication into your relationship. The reason why I say bring back, is because, at the early stages of any relationship, there was always communication, but when the couples starts getting used to each other (and most times, this normally happens in over 60% of any relationship) they forget the importance of communication in a relationship and once that happens in a relationship, they start feeling the injuries that non communication brings to a relationship.

So the first step that you should take in spicing up your relationship will be to rekindle the fire of communication that you guys used to have when you started newly and watch the magic that will happen. Most people that I have spoken to about this always come back to tell me that by just getting back to the way they used to communicate changed everything for them. That’s the power of communication.

Gifts and Getaways

eiffel-tower-kissDo you remember when you started dating your partner? When you always get gifts for him/her? When you buy something for them whether it’s on their birthday or not, just knowing that they would like and cherish that particular gift, you got the gift for them just to make them happy. Yeah, I know you remember very well, but recently you have stopped doing such, you now feel it’s not necessary that is why you don’t bother getting such things for them again. You should revive this in your relationship so that life will come again in your relationship.
The same way it is with going on vacations with your partner. At the early stages of your relationship, you always went on vacations together and you guys did the things that you loved, but the activities of life has made you guys forget the good moments those outings brought to you both. You should take your woman to places that they love to go so as to bring back the memories of the things that you guys enjoyed during the early stages of your relationship. Take her on a boat ride, go for picnics with her and take her to exotic places that will make her feel loved.

Call and Text

When was the last time you sent her a text just at the office to find out how she is doing for the day or to tell her how much you love and how much you have missed her company? Many guys have stopped doing some of these things that I just mentioned, and they still expect their relationship to be fun and interesting. Dude it doesn’t work like that. For you to spice up your relationship, you have to make sure that you do ,things consciously and don’t leave to chance.

First Time Dates

Just because you are now together doesn’t mean you will stop doing all the things that you used to do when you first met. I asked when one the couples that came to me for advice on how they can spice up their relationship the last time they went out on a date and they told me it was the first time they met and since then they have never gone out on a date again.
Going out on date will bring back the first feelings that you two had for each other when you first started. Very few guys take their partners out on a date even after they have dated for a long time. If you would like to spice up your relationship, you have to start going on first time dates to rekindle the early love that you had for each other.

Talk About the Past

What were the topics that you guys talked about more when you were just starting out? Start talking about those topics all over again, those discussions that always makes her happy and puts a smile on her face.

Talk about the things that you did when you were still trying to get her to love you, those little actions that you took when you still trying to get her attention, tell her about the little sacrifices that you made just make sure that you got her to like you, doing this will give you both those butterflies that you used to have then during your early days.

Romance and Sex

girlfriend-strawberry-to-boyfriendShe is always busy, you are always busy, everyone is busy. The activities of life have taken this vital part of your relationship form you. You don’t know what it feels like to romance your partner again, you have totally forgotten how the skin of your partner feels and you just don’t care because you are busy pursuing your career.

Romance strengthens a great bond of intimacy between two people in love and if romance is no longer in a relationship, that relationship is bound to be nothing but boring and lifeless. So you have to make time to re-invite that vital and essential part of your relationship and make sure that it is always memorable for you and also for your partner. No matter how busy you are, you should always make time for the both of you to have a nice time romancing.

I must say that this one the most relationship destroying factors that most couples have issues with and if care is not taken, they would find themselves living a life based on routine. Sex in relationship is so important that talking about will take a whole article, which I will be happy to write on. You will be surprised to hear that there are couples in a relationship that have not had sex for over 6 months and they are still together, the reason being that they are too busy for each other.

You have to do something and you need to do it fast to make sure that you don’t let your relationship go down the drain.

The first time you made love to your partner, you remember how it felt, the kind of pleasure that you got from the act and the way it made you feel, that’s exactly how you will feel when you re-introduce sex into your relationship. Make your times of sex exciting, romantic, exhilarating and unforgettable.

Hobby Matching

You can spice up your relationship by doing what I call hobby matching. This is going through what you guys love to do and trying as much as possible to find time to do them together. So what you have to do is to get a sheet of paper and write down all the things that you like to do and also let her write down the different things that she likes to do, and with that list, you can match your hobbies together and do them together.

You can easily lose the fun that you used to have in your relationship if you are not careful and vigilant. Like I said earlier, if you don’t do these things in this article, you will not get the results that it promises. With the different thing that I listed here, you can be sure that you take your relationship back to what it used to be…ALIVE AND EXCITING!!

This guest post was submitted by Anthony walker from Seduce8.com

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