Bedroom Gymnastics Enhancements – Making the First Move

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making-the-first-moveThe thing about being in a couple is that there are two of you – mind-blowing stuff to take in, isn’t it?

But seriously, the fact that a couple is a couple can bring quite a few problems in its own right and perhaps the biggest of all is that of making the first move with a new idea in the bedroom. There’s only the two of you involved, so when it comes to things like sex toys, role plays and any number of wild and wacky games between the sheets, you don’t really have anyone to bounce your ideas off before going for it…or not, as the case may be.

So, the ever-pressing question is that of how best to actually go about making the first move and bringing something new into the bedroom, without running the risk of spending the rest of the night in the naughty corner?

It’s a tricky one admittedly, but there are certainly some pointers to follow including these golden nuggets:

Think Small

First and foremost, if you’ve yet to find out how they will react to your new idea, then be sure to start out with something small and simple. For example, it wouldn’t be a good idea to burst out of the bathroom dressed as the Easter Bunny with a four-foot dildo in your hand if this is your first time – chances are you’ll have him/her running for the hills. There’s a ton of gadgets and goodies out there designed for first-timers, so stick with these until you’ve tested the water.

Heat of the Moment

Now be warned as this can backfire spectacularly, but more often than not it’s a better idea to bring out the charming little device you’ve recently taken a fancy to in the throes of passion than it is to pop it out over the breakfast table. If they’re already caught up in the moment, chances are they’ll be more accommodating than when they’re cool and calm.

Mention in Passing

Next up, the old favourite if ever there was one is to bring up the mention of the toy, game or outfit in passing and see how your partner reacts. You could make up a story that a friend recently told you about their own recent ‘experiences’ with their partner and take note of whether it gets your partner hot under the collar or turns them white as a sheet. This is great if it works, as either way you can quickly change the subject if need be.

A Gift / Joke

And finally, if you think you’ve got the stones to get away with it then you can always try offering the toy or costume you’ve had your eye on as a gift – and then pretend it was only a joke if they summarily launch it out of the window. Again, this can be a tricky one to get right if things take a turn for the worst, but more often than not is the best of the bunch for cutting to the chase and getting down to the fun stuff!

By Ross Wells – Ross Wells considers himself as the man to go to for tips on how to buy a vibrator or any sex toy as a gift and not have it explode in your face. The sentiment that is…not the vibrator!

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