How To Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend. Why?

How-To-Win-Back-Your-Ex-BoyfriendI’ve read so many articles about how to win back your ex boyfriend. And the first question I ask you, is why? It’s hard for me to imagine you would want to win your ex back. Do you really believe he’s the only good man out there? It’s a little disturbing for me to want to help you “win” an ex boyfriend back as if he’s some kind of prize. I especially believe you should treat yourself as the prize, and allow your ex to try and win YOU over. The idea of chasing a man for a relationship or having to win him over turns me off. Why? I’ve been there, and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. You spend a lot of time focusing on a person who at this very moment,  doesn’t want you. And logic goes right out the window. You’re in a state of purgatory. Waiting for HIS call. His move. His acknowledgement. His affection. In your mind you think “Oh please..just tell me you love me and you want me back.” Are you relating? Or are you starting to see the desperate, lonely and sad state you’re in? Your friends see it. Your family and friends may hate HIM for it. And they certainly would be scratching their head to the fact you’re depressed over some guy who doesn’t want you. Not right now anyways.

You probably haven’t considered the fact you may actually be better off without him. Breaking up with someone is usually for good cause. Compatibility issues. Lack of communication. Different goals & values. Family conflict. Money. Careers. There is a laundry list of reasons why people break up and your ex has his. If you are the one trying to figure out how to win back your ex boyfriend, then chances are it wasn’t your decision. And if it was YOUR choice in the first place and now changed your mind; maybe it happened for a reason. Regardless, it’s been proven over and over that those who do the chasing (of an ex) rarely come out the winner. They are stuck on the past. Stuck with the memories of times which have past. People change. People grow. People learn from their mistakes.

Every expert will tell you, if you want to know how to win back your ex boyfriend, the FIRST rule of thumb is simply to STOP ALL COMMUNICATION. Plain and simple ladies. Do not call. Do not text. Do not creep his Facebook or interact with him in ANY way through social media. CARRY ON with your life as if his existence hardly mattered to you. The key to winning an ex boyfriend back is for YOU to be completely fine without him. In doing this, guess what YOU may discover? You ARE COMPLETELY fine without him! I challenge you to try it. Besides, if you are threatened by the fact he may find someone else because you are not in the picture- then LET IT HAPPEN! How would it feel to spend the rest of your relationship life with someone who you believed MIGHT leave you the minute you walk away? I can already start counting the grey hairs and anxiety attacks.

If winning your ex boyfriend back is something you have your heart set on; then as much as every fiber in your body says to call, text, poke, tweet or “like” his status feeds- stay away. Men only respond to absence and silence if he has ANY interest at all in a relationship with you. In the meantime, live your life. Focus on the people, activity and things which make you happy. No amount of worrying or stressing will make your ex come back. I know this from personal experience.

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Wriiten with Love by Carmelia Ray

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