How To Save Your Relationship With Your Girlfriend


How-To-Save-Your-RelationshipAbout The Author: Alan B. Sahu loves to write articles on relationship issues. If you have a troublesome relationship with your partner and want to save it from disaster, then he would like to help you on his blog.

If you love your girlfriend so much then you cannot think to leave her, no matter how much trouble you face in your relationship. Moreover, you do not want that your girlfriend will dump you cause of relationship problems. That is the reason why the question ‘how to save a relationship with your girlfriend’ becomes the most important question of your life. Well, if you are wondering at the above question, then it shows how much love you have for your girlfriend.

Always remember that every relationship has to go through difficulties. Moreover, to make it survive for lifetime, you need to take actions to give it its foods.

Follow the below tips to save your relationship with your girlfriend.

Tip #1. Tell her that you love her so much 

As men are impressed by looks, women are impressed by words. It is important for your girlfriend that she will be reminded that you love her. She needs it on a consistent basis. Whenever you get an opportunity to show her your love then show it to her. There is one good reason behind it. Most women are feared by the threat that their men could leave them for another younger and more beautiful woman.  Therefore, showing her how much you love her on a consistent basis will remind your girlfriend that you are not going to leave her for another woman, or at least she will be less feared that you can leave her for another girl.

Tip #2. Write a poem for her

Write a poem for her. It is not matter whether you are a good poet or not. Praise her with flattery, and your poem will become the best poem she has ever read or listen. Be a little creative and romantic, and your poem can do wonders for you to save your relationship with your girlfriend. Always remember that if you fuel the sentiments of your girlfriend then she will always want to stick with you for lifetime.

Tip #3. Do not try to change her always

Do not try to point out her faults whenever she makes a mistake. Do not criticize her just to teach her a lesson. Moreover, do not try to change her overall personality. Every girl is unique. She is with you because she is what she is now. If she were the ideal person you wish she would be, then maybe she would not be with you now.

Accept her for what she is. If she does anything that hurts you, tell her that you are hurt by these or those actions. Doing so is far better than trying to change her by criticizing her.

Tip #4. Show affection by soothing massages

Women are more sensible for touch than men are. There are times when you find that your girlfriend is a little tired for some reasons, at that time you can give her soothing massages with a few words of affections. This is romantic and doing so can really save your troublesome relationship.

Tip #5. Do not beg and brag

Being romantic does not mean that you should become an approval seeker. In addition, it does not mean you should brag about yourself always. Be polite and listen to her problems, but do not be a boyfriend who cannot do a single thing without the permission of his girlfriend. Be flexible, but keep the power to yourself.

Follow all these tips and the question ‘how to save your relationship with your girlfriend’ will not bother you anymore.

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