Girlfriend with PMS? Top 3 Tips on How to Deal With Her!

Girlfriend With PMS

O.k Fellas, there’s a lot to learn about how to deal with a girlfriend with PMS. First and foremost, let’s discuss what PMS is and it’s effect on women so you understand what you’re dealing with.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a condition that affects women physically, mentally and emotionally a few days before her period.

For some it feels like before, during, and a few days after a period! There is not a lot understood about PMS. The symptoms can be different for each female and the severity also.

What are the symptoms your girlfriend deals with when she suffers from PMS? There are many “side effects” of PMS and some of them are the following:

Physically: bloating, tender breasts, lack of energy, severe fatigue, backache, difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, head aches and migraines

Mentally: Mood swings, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, confusion, irrational

Emotionally: depressed, irritable, agitated, anxious and nervous, angry, feeling sad and hopeless, overwhelmed

Danger PMSSo guys,  if you thought PMS was a myth, you are sadly mistaken. The tips to deal with a girlfriend with PMS I am about to share with you are like 10K gold nuggets of MUST HAVE information that both you and your girlfriend will appreciate.

The first tip to deal with a girlfriend with PMS is to tread lightly and be sure to “follow the leader”; the leader namely is your girlfriend! This is not the time to discuss ANY major issues or challenges while she is in the very sensitive state. It is not an appropriate time to give advice on relationship problems. It’s best to avoid anything at all that may lead to an argument. In fact fellas, it’s BEST that you do your best to be as nice and sweet as a pie when you detect your girlfriend may be experiencing PMS. If you want to not awaken or disturb the hormonal, highly agitated, potentially violent, beast beneath the person that just looks like your girlfriend during this time, my most valuable piece of advice is just to stay out of her way and remember that “Yes” is always the best answer. That is, of course, UNLESS she’s asked you if she looked fat in those pants! The answer is most definitely NO! Do NOT take anything she says personally. Take everything and every comment and odd behavior with a grain of salt and a great deal of patience.

The second tip is that flattery will help you through this.  Knowing that physically your girlfriend may be truly feeling awful and bloated and mentally/emotionally she’s convinced herself that she’s completely unattractive and for some reason feeling very insecure, you should recognize and notice all of her fine qualities at this time. What women really want in a man at this time is for him to make her laugh and feel good. Say things like: “Baby, you look great today. You seem to be glowing” “Baby, you have the most amazing smile” or “Baby, you make me feel awesome”.  If you really don’t think that your girlfriend looks her best and a compliment can’t be pulled off as genuine, make sure you tell her how she typically makes you feel (although maybe not while she’s moody) or how much you really appreciate her so that she in turn feels better and more secure about the relationship if she’s feeling overly sensitive. Take any opportunity that you can to help her. Maybe you consider to finally get something done that you may have been putting off that she really wanted you to do. Or maybe expressing your attraction to her while she’s feeling as if you’re not paying her enough attention, is a great way to counterbalance her emotions. Give her as much of your attention as possible without being annoying and smothering. Some women have and experience a much higher sex drive while others may be thinking don’t you touch me. Know which one your girlfriend is feeling and respect both! Have MORE sex if she’s in the mood..and stay away if she’s not into it!

Girlfriend With PMS

The last and final tip fellas is to offer your help and be available as much as you can be. When a woman has PMS she feels almost like a damsel in distress. A few days ago she was a normal, functioning member of society. Sharp, energetic, lively and full of joy… Next thing you know she’s a limp, forgetful, half asleep crying toddler thinking that you don’t care about her. Offering your help will not only help her feel better knowing she’s got you in corner and available for her; she will be thankful that she’s got the greatest boyfriend in the planet!

Your girlfriend right now is extra needy. If you are NOT offering your help she’s probably asking you for it. But fellas, I hate to share this with you but she’s actually expecting it. Random offers of massage will go a long way to getting approval from your girlfriend, especially if she’s feeling tired or having a backache.  A menstrual period lasts about 3-7 days at the most for women. Your girlfriend will start the PMS symptoms a few days before that and remember that it only happens once a month. So keep a calendar of your gilrfriends PMS and periods so that you can time it properly. You may want to prepare in advance by having her favorite foods, snacks and desserts  in the fridge and start with the sweet talking a few days before her visitor comes!

If you have any tips you’d like to share with Dating, Love Sex about dealing with a girlfriend with PMS or interesting tips on how to detect if your girlfriend has PMS, we’d love to hear from you! Until then, remember the Top 3 tips and look forward to a more calm and smooth PMS experience with your girlfriend.

Wriiten with Love by Carmelia Ray

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6 thoughts on “Girlfriend with PMS? Top 3 Tips on How to Deal With Her!”

  1. Avatar

    … Uh do I take advice from a woman about this specific topic…?

    When’s the last time you’ve had to deal with your girlfriend who had PMS?

    I’m with many of the intelligent men online, Woman can deal fine in the workplace without the risk of being fired, but with a spouse or boyfriend they use this excuse for irrational behavior. Relationships are about BOTH partners modifying their behavior for the benefit of everyone, and everyone around them.

    1. Thanks for your comment, it is appreciated. I actually have had many “girlfriends” who suffer from PMS and I can’t argue with you that SOME women MAY use PMS as an excuse for irrational behavior. This article is intended for some of those guys who may not have experienced this “situation” from their girlfriend. Also, I think the women who use PMS as an excuse for irrational behavior means they are seeking attention for some reason, or looking for an excuse for their unexplained behavior. lol

      I agree whole heatedly with you; modifying behavior is necessary in some cases for both parties to benefit each other.

  2. hi
    thing is ive been in relationship with a girl she is undergoing severe pms with depression .she is actually getting divorced and this pushed her she was married only for couple of weeks .her pride has taken a hit and cant face the world she met me 4mnths back and we started of as friends she lives in diff state so after couple of mnths of chat and talk on phone i went to meet her i stayed there for 2days and everything was fine bfore leaving i asked if she wants to b in relationship she said she is not ready and wanted me to look for someone else also,same night she came on chat and we had a chat and i said ill look for some one else for relationship then she said i accept and wants to be in relationship i said ok and we had romantic talks and we decided to meet in other town and we met we had a wonderful day and night together. she said she is ok and wants to move ahead with me. she hid the fact that she is missing her periods and all she told me her periods r due and above time i said not to worry and things went normal suddenly her mood changed and started to avoid me not to chat and not talk on phone i cld not understand what was happening and after a week or so she tells me im having issues with u and dont want to carry on with u over a msg, i replied ok its fine if u dont want to continue but i told her i luv u and all she replied saying we will be friends and cont without getting romantic.she is suffering from pms and dose not like to go to a dr as im not local its creating problems pls suggest how to get her going and get her back.she chats with me ive told her whatever ur problem may be im with u and always there for u what ever happens…after this only i came to know about pms problem in her

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