2013 Top Five Dating Resolutions


dating-resolutionsAs the New Year approaches and you managed to SURVIVE, “The End of the World”, it’s that time of year when singles start to consider what dating resolutions you will make for 2013.

Let me share with you Wikipedia’s definition of a “New year’s resolution”

A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit. People committing themselves to a New Year’s resolution generally plan to do so for the whole following year. This lifestyle change is generally interpreted as advantageous.

With that in mind, I’ve researched what others have to say about “dating resolutions” and created a popular Top Five list for you to consider adding to your list of resolutions.

Dating Resolution #1: Get Your Feet Wet

Well folks, you can’t swim with the rest of the single population by “looking” in the pool. It always fascinates me when I ask someone how dating is going “online” or “offline”, and the response is “Well, I’m just looking” or “I’m still thinking about it”. It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that you can’t catch anything if you’re not throwing in the line- or getting in the pool! Actions speak louder than words and will get you RESULTS. Whether those results are positive or negative have a lot to do with practise and trust that you will get better and better at it, once you TRY!

Dating Resolution #2: Learn From Your Mistakes and Move On

Although this is easier said than done, you must resolve to GET OVER your hang-ups about your ex or any bad relationships & dating experiences you’ve had, and start FRESH in 2013. I’m sure you get enough from friends and family who’ve heard your crushing painful stories about what hasn’t worked, who’s broken your heart, disappointed you, and lied to you or cheated on you. Maybe your dating stories and relationships are not that painful, but you still keep negative people around or harbor a negative attitude about dating. Moving on means letting go and making a very conscious effort to look forward, not backwards and expect nothing but the best from all your future dating endeavors.

Dating Resolution #3: Commit To Your Personal Transformation

If you don’t already have the notion that a great relationship STARTS with YOU, you need to keep that in mind! If you’re not happy about YOUR life, your look , or your circumstances, you need to make the necessary changes to yourself that will help boost your self-esteem, confidence and make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. A top New Year’s resolution for hundreds and thousands of people out there is to lose weight. If that’s not required in your situation, maybe you need an updated look or some professional photos? How you feel about yourself is extremely important to how you project to others and how they receive the energy you put out.

Dating Resolution #4: Do Something Different

You have heard this phrase many times I’m sure!

“The definition of insanity is doing the same things over, and over again, and expecting different results.”

The same is true with your dating resolutions. For starters, if you make the exact same resolutions as last year, you may experience the SAME results. If you’re reading this article, than I have to assume you’re single… or here seeking excellent advice for your single friends? If you’ve tried online dating sites, move towards something more face-face. If you’ve tried only  one online dating site, try a NEW SITE once every couple of months. Attend a few singles events, networking events, join an interest group or attend a speed dating event. For those of you seeking a serious long-term relationship, consider professional matchmaking services. Whatever it is that you resolve to do, be sure they are activities that you haven’t tried!

Dating Resolution #5: Be More Proactive

Yikes! The notion for some of you to step out of your comfort zone and TAKE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION is like public speaking for some. Guess what? You won’t know unless you try. In the dating game there WILL be rejection. Having said that, some believe “there’s no reward without risk.” I do know this; the answer will ALWAYS be NO if you don’t ask. And if the outcome through your action is you fall in love with the person of your dreams, you will THANK yourself for it. People most often regret the things they DON’T do! Instead of being the person that “wishes” or “should have”, resolve to be the one who initiates.

Although statistics say that less than 40% of people actually maintain their New Year’s resolutions, your dating resolutions don’t have to fall in those stats! The harder you are on yourself (mentally and emotionally), the more challenging it will be to maintain your dating goals. You should be your best advocate and personal cheerleader. After all, the effort and time you put into your dating goals, will reflect in the results you have over the next year.

I’d love to be part of that experience and want to hear all about your ups and downs. So to start you off on the right foot, be sure to download my free eBook! “The Ultimate A-Z Guide On Attracting & Keeping Your SoulMate”

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6 thoughts on “2013 Top Five Dating Resolutions”

  1. Dear Carmelia Ray
    Sounds like the perfect advice! If we all listened to such words of wisdom, maybe then, we would know what happyness is!

    Thank you

    1. Jason,
      Thank you for reading our dating resolutions, and for sharing your thoughtful comments. Happiness is more about taking the time to enjoy the process, instead of reflecting on things we don’t have, or are currently not working.
      Hoping your 2013, brings you many wonderful experiences!
      Best Wishes, Carmelia Ray

  2. Though those dating resolutions are from 2013 but still in 2016 all of these resolutions are still fits. I’m glad to learn these tips and looking forward to share these tips with others.

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