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Infographic: Fun Sex Facts


I love searching the web for funny sex facts. Here’s a few fun sex facts for you to learn and talk about with your partner or at the next social with friends and family. After all, isn’t it useful to know that an average man has about 10 erections in his sleep?  Don’t let these facts go to waste!! Read More »

Transform Your Intimate Life in 12 Months


It’s a common story… how many of the following have you heard the voice in your head whispering? I’m never going to find anyone better She/He is too good for me My life is boring compared to theirs Girls / Guys never go for me, it’s always my friends Why would they be into me I’m overweight and out of ... Read More »

Casual Sex Dating – 6 Tips to Success

Casual Sex Dating – 6 Tips to Success.

Author Bio: Sam Chapman is the founder of Visit the site to check out the best mature dating and local sex! website reviews. Online dating casual sex websites are becoming increasingly popular. With many professionals too busy for traditional dating they are turning to adult dating websites to find sex. The stigma attached to casual sex dating appears to ... Read More »

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