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Top Four Personality Traits Women Want In Men


If you're trying to figure out why women you meet always seem uninterested, then your most likely reading this for answers as to understand this phenomena. Our most common question here is "Why don't girls like me?" A lot of women look for things like being rich, good-looking, ripped, or being great in bed. If you keep meeting girls like that, then you may be chasing after the wrong type of women in the wrong locations. Once you start trying to meet good girls, you will find out that not all women are looking for a buffed dude who just happens to be loaded with cash. You will also discover other things that are more important to them that you didn't focus on before. So let me introduce myself. My name is Dalton Young, and I am a dating coach at We will start by looking at why good girls typically look at character more than anything else when it comes to finding a man they can see a future and family with. Read More »

Tips To Dating A Female Singer


Are you interested in tips to dating someone unique and independent with great style and a love for good music? Then dating a singer is the way to go! But prepare yourself for one crazy ride because when dating a singer there’s truly never a dull moment! First and foremost, don’t fake anything with us, we see enough of it ... Read More »

Tips To Dating An Actress

If you’re looking for the best tips to dating an actress, let’s hear from an actress who shares her tips to dating successfully. The most important thing in approaching and winning over an actor is confidence. Most women, not only actors, want a man who isn’t afraid to walk over and introduce himself. After the introduction, no need to put on an act, I ... Read More »

10 Relationship Resolutions for Singles in 2014


Welcome 2014!  It’s so hard to believe another year has passed; and in the spirit of New Year, I want to offer some helpful relationship resolutions for you singles, which will help you find, meet, attract and keep that special someone. Regardless of your current relationship status, it’s important to know you have the power to change your circumstances with ... Read More »

Tips To Dating an International Girl


This is a special guest post written by Ukrainian Singing Superstar Mika Newton If you want tips to dating an ‘international girl’ you just need to be yourself and don’t play any games because sooner or later the truth will come out. My advice is to be yourself, enjoy the company of the girl you are with, don’t lie to ... Read More »

How To Get Over Her And Get Back In The Game


Photo Credit: Brandon Warren via Compfight You can struggle with work, finances, or disagreement with friends. You can handle all sorts of challenges that life tosses at you. And you’re pretty good at playing it close to the chest, when feeling the pressure. Right? But—when it comes to losing love—you seem to be stranded with your broken heart in the ... Read More »

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