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Is a Famous Porn Star Headed for Space?


Male co-stars and avid fans said that sex with Coco Brown was out of this world, well now the famous porn star is taking them at their word and heading off into space. In training Rather appropriately for a Venus award winner the 34 year old adult film star who also uses the stage name of Honey Love has worked ... Read More »

Ms. Stable or Ms. Smoke Show? Picking the one who makes you happy


Ever been really confused?  I don’t mean confused in the, “I’m not sure which wine goes well with soup” kind of way.  I mean confused.  Really, really confused. Years ago, I met two women.  One woman was a hardworking, stable, attractive, kind, very normal, slightly above average looking, safe bet.  The other was a smoke show.  She was hardworking, sexy, ... Read More »

I Was 50 Shades of Grey Before Fifty Shades of Grey Was Cool, Part 1

50 Shades of grey

Written by Guest Author Ian J – Author of “The Beta Male Chronicles” With all of the hype surrounding the novel Fifty Shades of Grey, I’m compelled to share a few of my own thoughts on it.  Thoughts purely from the male perspective; my perspective. In terms of the book’s literary impact, its erotica, it’s not Hemingway.  However, with the ... Read More »

From Alpha to Beta Male, With the Click of a Mouse


Written by Guest Author Ian J It’s funny how the world has changed since my dating heyday.  It actually boggles my mind.   When I was in my late twenties and early thirties, working as a construction manager, I was the alpha male.  I was tall, handsome, strong, and when I went after what I wanted, I usually got it. I ... Read More »

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