Reinvent Yourself and Attract a New Date

R_U_Dating_A_PsychoWherever you go, you see those happy couples with an invisible cloud of romance over their head, walking hand in hand, being totally lost in love for each other. It looks like they don’t care what the rest of the world is up to. They are too caught up in each others attention, not to mention the excessive PDA going a bit overboard. On the flip side, here is poor you witnessing all these acts and feeling miserable, jealous and even more lonely. Well the best part is, you can do something about it. Rather than feel bad about those unlucky dates and cafe meetings, which have not turned out to be good for you. Now is the time you wake up and reinvent yourself, to get in the groove and come up with new ways to attract a new date.


Here’s some helpful tips:

Revise Your Priorities

One of the first things you need to do, is to revise your reality checklist about the kind of partner you’d like to have. You might have been dreaming about walking hand in hand one day with a 6-foot talk dark and handsome muscular man, who will treat you like a princess; or about a girl who is slim and trim and has a body that is worth flaunting as much as possible. Actually, these are more of fantasies rather than realities, and it’s sometimes wise to be realistic than living in a dream world and suddenly waking up and finding things around you to be weird and imperfect. Pause and take time to think what you really want about your partner, and then work towards it by devising different ways.

Ignore Friends and Listen To Yourself

When it comes to seeking advice, nothing can be better than listening to your conscience rather than depending upon your family and friends. As much as it might sound harsh, family and friends tend to advise you on the basis of their opinion about you. It’s often formed as a result of what they’ve seen in you so far. They might not have an actual idea as to what exactly goes through your mind, and this is the actual thing that matters the most.

Break Those Personal Frontiers

Maybe it’s time you broke those personal frontiers and went the next step in terms socializing more. This could be as simple as spending a couple of minutes chatting with a guy who bought you a drink at the bar, rather than just ignoring him and turning him down. Who knows, this could have been a golden opportunity and could have led to a lasting relationship.

Try devising new ways to attract a new date and be more accountable your conscience than listening to anybody else. This could enable you to soon bump into that perfect partner you’ve been waiting for so eagerly.

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