6 Great Dressing Tips for Guys on Dates!

6 Great Dressing Tips For Guys On Dates

6 Great Dressing Tips For Guys On DatesGentleman, in order to increase your odds for a successful date you will definitely want to read these great dressing tips before your dates!

Wear something that’s comfortable

You know what isn’t sexy?  Moving around like you have an itchy rash.  Moving around too much, fidgeting, and things that distract you from anything other than the sparkling conversation you SHOULD be having with your date, need to be avoided.  When you look and feel good, that will radiate outwards through confidence and charm.  If you are constantly worried about your shirt looking weird or having a perma-wedgie, you are going to feel and look uncomfortable.  And guess what?  So is your date.

The importance of smells:

Obviously, our olfactory senses are directly connected to our genitals.  Ok, that might not be true – but if you smell bad or wear too much cologne, it totally is.  The rule is to have a HINT of smell, not bathe in it.  This also applies to your home and car.  “Week Old French Fry” or “Dirty Gym Sock” is not in associated with romance being in the air.  Get some Febreeze.  This simple $5 investment will have your date and future relationships thanking you for it.

Dress for the occassion:

Most dates happen at coffee shops or restaurants, so it’s important to not overdress – no three piece suits to Starbucks.  On the flip side, reserve your ‘Slayer Rules’ t-shirts for nights with your buddies.  The moral of the story is; although you want to make a statement about who you are, a date should never be overshadowed by clothing.  This also applies to jorts (man jean shorts), making sure your pants conceal your butt crack, and making sure your pants do NOT reveal your package.  Leave some mystery.

Watching your accessories:

6 Great Dressing Tips For Guys On DatesI pitty the fool who thinks excessive man jewelery is the way to go.  In this department, a little goes a long way.  Think of it this way – you wouldnt wear two watches, would you?  Of course not 🙂 Flashy excessive jewelry screams show off or “tacky”. White socks with black shoes are a no no also. Sneakers that are tattered and “comfy” for you but look like they’ve been on your feet for more miles than you can count, are NOT appropriate foot wear for even a coffee date.

Pay attention to the details:

Dirty fingernails, hanging nose hairs, bad breath, clean hair, good hygiene and clean pressed clothing is important to be conscious of! Women notice everything. And if you want a really great tip men, SHOES MATTER! So if you need to update the wardrobe, a great pair of clean shoes make a big difference. Shine your shoes guys and don’t pull out the tattered comfy sneakers even if it’s a coffee date! You have to give the impression that looks do matter. Women are not attracted to sloppy, grungy men, even if you’re a bad boy!

Written by Sara: Guest writer and 7 yr personal matchmaker.

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