5 Things In Women Which Turn Off Men

As research results show, most men tend to avoid pointing out the ‘faults’ of the women because of many reasons – sometimes they avoid sharing their thoughts fearing that those complaints will be lodged deep inside the women’s subconscious, never to be forgotten, while at some other times, they keep shut as they think they won’t be able to justify themselves, if faced with an argument. Whatever be the case, women should be well aware of the things that turn off men instantly.

Here’s the top 5 things in women that turn off men –

1. Asking him the age-old’ question, “Guess what am I thinking” – While the guessing game is a popular one among women, it’s a complete no-no among men. It is a very common practice among women to avoid expressing their thoughts and feelings. What’s more, you will expect the man to guess those thoughts after reading your minds, which most of them would fail to do, and when they do fail, you may end up giving him a cold look! Well, there is probably nothing more annoying for a man to deal with a woman who forces him to follow the signs and read between the lines, instead of clearly saying what she wants. Moreover, at times, you just assume that he knows it all and then he does just the opposite, which could lead to extreme confusions. Hence, it is an earnest request to all women out there to speak up clearly, play it straight, and not to leave any room for miscommunication.

2. Not being confidential enough – While there is a common grievance among women that men don’t open themselves up, there is a significant reason behind this. If he shares something with you, it is most likely that it will be shared among all your friends, your sister or your mother – and this is one thing that men simply can’t digest about women. They value confidentiality and loyalty a lot, and sharing his personal issues among third parties annoy them the most. Therefore, make it a point to keep things between only the two of you and maintain this loyalty to encourage even more and more communication from his end.

3. Smothering instead of mothering – Well, there is no doubt regarding the fact that all men expect their women to act like mothers, at least when they are sick. But this doesn’t mean that he will enjoy your approach if you treat him like a five year old boy, who can’t take care of himself. While being sick, he expects you to sympathize with him, but not brood over the issues for which he is sick now. Another thing that matters a lot is your attitude to him – are you doing the things to ease out his sufferings or are you expecting some appreciation from his end? He will just love the first, while the second will bug him the most.

4. Planning the future in advance – While women think that it’s a great quality of their character to plan the future well in advance, many men get pissed off at this. Even though planning the future might seem to be romantic at times, doing it always will freak the man out. Thinking about what you will do on your 50th anniversary, while you people are still dating, can spoil the entire mood of your date. Remember, men love to enjoy the present and therefore, learn to do the same.

5. Under-estimating him in public – No one under the sun is without folly and we all are aware of the fact. But discussing the faults of your man in a dinner party, where all your friends and colleagues are present, is the worst thing that you can do to him. Just imagine how you would have felt had he done the same to you!
So, steer clear of these spoilers that would turn your men off, and by doing so, you would be able to take your relationship to the next level.

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